Rent-A-Center: New Store Design Preview

Rent-A-Center: New Store Design Preview 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Rent-A-Center: New Store Experience Preview

With a thoughtful re-think, and a modern stylistic approach, the new Rent-A-Center bridges the gap between physical and digital retail experience. Consumers are comfortable shopping in a variety of ways, which is a direct inspiration for the new & revitalized customer journey which delivers total control to the shopper.

Whether it’s an autonomous experience with a digital assist, or a customized tour guided by a RAC team member, the shopper chooses their own path. This experience is enhanced by thoughtful in-store inventory displays, a digital endless aisle kiosk, interaction with customers’ mobile devices, BOPIS service, a key signage and graphics refresh + much more.

Key areas are designed in a practical showroom style, to help shoppers envision each product in their home. A new approach to inventory introduces clever displays of floor products. The addition of focal walls and key zones creates rewarding sightlines defined by product category. Within the focal displays, shoppers are given a more personal experience to peacefully browse at their own pace.

Informative brand communications educate shoppers with product tips, features, and available services to empower them to make informed decisions on their own or with the help of the RAC team. Community is a core tenant for the brand and for this new prototype as well. With respect, advocacy, and education, the new RAC experience delivers on a timeless brand promise: To improve the quality of life for our customers.

Betting on the Brand

Bigger and bolder than ever before, the Rent-A-Center brand cuts through each environment using key brand colors that are subtly attributed to wayfinding, in-store messaging and product display & education. Driven by trust and reliability, this brand message hierarchy is key to consumer empowerment + retention.

Eye-Pleasing Inventory

The Chute Gerdeman team thoughtfully crafted a design that champions the product. Key signage and communications illustrate how each product can add value to each shopper’s home. The added value of digital signage and endless aisle kiosks in-store allow for an added personalization and a custom element to the floor inventory.

More on this unique Rent-A-Center experience coming soon!

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