A Space With a Fighting Chance

What if we created a space that increased brand presence, personality, and engagement?

Number One Goal

One main initiative Levy was working to promote was the increase of sales in its apparel and souvenir departments. The brand desperately needed a louder, more aggressive voice to speak to its customer base, and a uniquely designed retail space was a perfect place to do so.

“The Knights are the epitome of the warrior class. They’re team-oriented, they always stick together, they never give up, they never give in. And hockey players are warriors. They’ve always been team players, all for one. That’s us. That’s what we’ll be.”

-Bill Foley, Owner

All New Lineup

Las Vegas Golden Knights needed a brand look and feel that resonated with the entirety of the locally-centered team in which it represented. A total brand translation was produced throughout the retail environment, which showcased the impressive and magnetic imagery and signage Chute Gerdeman helped to create.

Cool Concepts

As the process continued to grow, the creativity began to flourish. The designs illuminated the “Knights of the Round Table” concept that helped to drive detail and implement engagement. Swords and spears act as merchandise displays, surrounding a stunning centerpiece that draws focus to the core of the space.

A Knight to Remember

Elevating the brand persona required the instillation of a bold, heroic sense to the environment. Every detail within the space was created to provide the consumer with a tactile and expressive journey, which enabled the Golden Knights to have a substantial platform for its brand.

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