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Wowed by Weitzner

Wowed by Weitzner 800 1200 Chute Gerdeman

Weitzner Limited is a wallcovering and textile company that focuses on environmentally conscious materials and creating elegant products for commercial and residential interiors. Lori Weitzner is the designer, creative director, and owner of the firm that started in 2004. Weitzner’s products have a natural and textural feel with an overall soft, neutral color palette and a sustainability story.

Two products from Weitzner really caught my eye for upcoming retail and hospitality projects.


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I love Magnetism because this is a truly magnetic wallcovering with a natural appearance. The face is 50% linen and 50% latex. The product is Class A to meet commercial codes, and custom colors are available.

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Newsworthy is another great product because it uses 100% old newspapers and turns them into a work of art. The newspaper strips are handwoven and have a paper backing to provide durability and strength. Like Magnetism, Newsworthy is Class A. Each 47″ wide panel is unique, making this product a wonderful option for retail.

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Check out the entire Weitzner product line and learn more about Lori Weitzner and the company.

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