Visual Trends in the Spotlight

Visual Trends in the Spotlight

Visual Trends in the Spotlight 800 470 Chute Gerdeman

Visual elements like lighting and mannequins can be a quick way to refresh your space, communicate a change in the season, or introduce a new product line. From mannequins projecting some real personality to suspended lighting and LED tubes taking shape, here are a few visual trends we spotted at this year’s GlobalShop show.

Get Real

In the last couple years we watched the popularity of magnetic mannequin make up and integrated technology applications, but this year the focus is all about the form. Mannequins are showcasing personality and taking a more natural stance when it comes time to striking a pose.

Whether it’s a hand in a pocket or sitting in a casual, relaxed pose Patina V’s collection gives off a chill, urban vibe. Mondo Mannequins embraced today’s social media savvy society with their Social Media collection doing what else but taking a selfie. Colorado based Fusion Specialties showed off a collection of glossy, elongated forms stylishly sophisticated. And Genesis Mannequins pulled out the hipster card with a new line of mannequins that can sport any of today’s fashions effortlessly cool.

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Lighting With Edge

From green lighting alternatives to LED light boxes and backlit fixtures, this is one category where innovation meets artistry. This year’s lighting didn’t just serve as an accent or highlight it became the feature.

Color X’s clear, acrylic snowflakes were digitally routed and fabricated with LED lights to shine from within. Individual LED light tubes came together to create an even more powerful visual with Sistemalux Lighting. Visual Citi presented options for both flat and dimensional lighting presentations. Using a combination of bright, neon lighting and printed wall graphics, wall art was formed. And dimensional edge-lit acrylics linked together for the perfect suspended store window display.

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