Urban-chic Warehouse

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Urban-chic Warehouse

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New York in December can mean many things to many people. To those in retail, it means just one thing: fabulous windows and great display. Our eyes are always keen to spot the next big visual trend and this year we saw a predictable evolution of the vintage/artisan theme that’s been influencing visual for the last year. We’re describing it as “urban-chic warehouse,” and after visiting the Retail Design Collective show and our favorite visual showrooms, our observations were confirmed.

What defines this look is an unvarnished (literally) re-creation of a vintage factory with reclaimed woods, large, heavy industrial fixtures and found signage. Pipe-fittings become legs on tables. Concrete and stone floors are unadorned. There’s a rawness and edginess and authenticity to details: metal pulleys, oversized c-clamps, casters, and canvas—nothing polished. Rather the patina of age or even tarnish is to be prized.

At the far end of the spectrum, UK-import AllSaints Spitalfields owns the look—casually displaying its pricey frocks in an industrial warehouse atmosphere that can only be described as Dickensian. Rag & Bone adds a few elements like this low palette fixture that mixes in easily with their simple rolling racks and pared down aesthetic.

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So while factory-life has all but disappeared on the American landscape, it’s alive and well in retail. Be on the lookout. Click here to see a full photo gallery representing our take on this cool trend.

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