Time Savvy Consumers Seek Instashopping With Instagram

Time Savvy Consumers Seek Instashopping With Instagram

Time Savvy Consumers Seek Instashopping With Instagram 800 400 Chute Gerdeman

Research shows that consumers are hyper sensitive to the availability of time in their lives. Just like money and overall costs, consumers are budgeting their time. Retailers and brands need a heightened awareness of the time it takes for consumers to interact and experience their offerings, and position themselves accordingly to win with the new time savvy consumer.


As Instagram evolves from a friends-and-family photo-sharing site to a perfect hub for peer-to-peer selling communities and retailers, it is proving to be capable of reducing the friction along the “covet-to-purchase” path. Time savvy consumers see this social platform as a convenient and efficient way to discover and share, and are rewarded with finds that feel organic, not forced.

Smart brands and retailers have become more involved with posting knowing consumers are following their favorites. While Instagram actually prohibits active web links in post captions, workarounds abound as well as supplemental alternative platforms that bridge the gap with ease. The highly intimate and inspiring visual content make Instagram a perfect platform for consumers craving emotionally engaging shopping experiences. Let’s check out where it is working well:

Noihsaf Bazaar:

A “community of friends selling quality goods” saves consumers the time it takes to hunt for a deal while delivering the thrill of the find. To buy followers simply comment on the image and leave their email address to be contacted.

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Like To Know It

Like To Know It removes the mystery of where to get the fabulous item you just browsed in your feed. Instagrammers register on the site providing their email address, and “Like” any image featuring a Like to Know It Link to get an email with ready-to-shop links for the items featured in the picture. Engagement is linked with ease without interruption.

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See what you like? Want to shop it? Random product searches just got a whole lot more simplified. By including product style numbers in some of its featured posts, the retailer easily connects you to its collection on Barneys.com.

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In addition to providing SKU numbers in posts, the retailer has a recommendation service, Next OOTD, that works through users tagging their outfit of the day selfie (#nextootd). The Zappos team then makes personalized recommendations based on the photo and others in your Instagram public profile.

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Alternative Platform: Like2Buy

By playing nice within the Instagram platform, this additional app allows retailers such as Target and Nordstrom to circumvent Instagram to help shoppers buy feature products. By simply clicking a link in their profile a grid of all the items available for sale in the retailer’s feed is presented. Instagrammers can also create a wishlist or save to buy for later by liking the photo.

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These brands are winning with time-crunched consumers by recognizing the opportunities that a visual, social platform like Instagram offers, and valuing users’ time as a precious asset to give them easy access to what they want.

Photo credits: Noihsaf Bazaar | LikeToKnowIt | Barneys | Zappos | Like2Buy

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