The Hundreds Flagship Alive With SoCal Culture

The Hundreds Flagship Alive With SoCal Culture

The Hundreds Flagship Alive With SoCal Culture 800 533 Chute Gerdeman

The Hundreds has followed a path of many successful lifestyle brands today with young influential minds at the core of creation. In 2003 law students Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar were looking for something more and set out to create a place where culture and community connect with streetwear apparel at the intersection. What started as a simple t-shirt brand quickly grew into a full hip-hop, punk, skate, and surf apparel line with an online marketplace and community, retail stores, and a print magazine to support.

The Santa Monica store is the fourth flagship of the brand following openings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. In the windows, popular 1980’s artifacts like a cassette tape, Boombox, and Nintendo are plastered into the floor with white paint giving a glimpse into the brand’s playful sense of humor. The SoCal sun shines through a garage door into an open industrial layout with concrete floors and exposed brick. The Hundreds larger than life red LED-lit logo creates a bright spot and focal point amongst the stark white elements of the space. Giving flexibility to the space to adapt and change over time, magnetic toe-kicks allow the horizontal floor cabinets to also be merchandised vertically.

What’s not evident upon first look is that this two-story space is also two-toned. Off the main level a grey-scale stairwell takes guests upstairs to the dark grey Shoe Lounge. There you’ll find a cow print rug and a tufted black leather couch where customers can try on a pair of swanky new shoes. A bumping eclectic music mix of punk and hip-hop unifies the whole space and energizes the customer experience where this mini Santa Monica subculture comes to life at retail.

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Photo Credit: The Hundreds | Chute Gerdeman

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