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Diverse background. Unified mission.

Denny Gerdeman | Co-Founder & Co-Chair

At his core, Denny is a curious and passionate retail veteran. To the retail industry, he is an ambassador, leader and student mentor rolled into one.

Brian Shafley | CEO

Brian sets the bar high for all of us, ensuring that each client gets a successful and proven mix of creativity and operational practicality.

Wendy Johnson | COO

As CG’s EVP Account Management and COO, Wendy is at once the voice of the client, hands-on creative team member, and high-level strategic manager.

Jay Highland | CCO

Jay has been instrumental in championing CG’s core capabilities and building CG’s diverse creative teams. Always challenging the status quo, he is a consummate retail design authority.

Mindi Trank | VP, Strategy

Mindi’s twenty-five years of experience with branded communications has proven time and again that everything starts with the customer.

Adam Limbach | VP, Brand Communication

With boundless enthusiasm and imaginative style, Adam specializes in brand development, identity programs, visual communication, environmental signage and digital media solutions. All in one package, usually wrapped in a black t-shirt.

Lynn Rosenbaum | VP, Brand Environments

One of the finest designers in the field, Lynn leads our Brand Environments team with vision, vigor, and passion for his craft. A master at hand-rendered designs, he imbues creative ideas with energy, color and texture—you literally “feel” the space come alive.

Randy Liddil | VP, Digital Design Lab

Leader of our Digital Design Lab, Randy brings designs to life with his motion graphics and 3D animation skills. He develops realistic, customer-focused viewpoints to physical environments in a typically 2D world.

Phil Wilson | VP, Business Development

Phil captivates, inspires, and leads our team to a better Chute Gerdeman portfolio. His efforts to transform and entice client relationships are key to our success.

Bonnie Kyle | Director, Architecture

Bonnie brings our creative studio's design to reality. She oversees the coordination of our Design Intent Documentation and integration within construction services, making sure the outcome is brand right and functionally efficient.

Steve Johnson | Director, Graphic Production

When he's not giving a lecture at The Ohio State University, Steve is leading our team in all things Graphic Production. He stays up on the most cost-effective production techniques to ensure design intent of communications are fulfilled to the highest quality.


Our people make the difference.

Megan Adornetto - Designer, Chute Gerdeman

Megan Adornetto | Designer

A rapid learner, Megan adapts quickly to changing situations. Displaying a cooperative spirit with her everyday work and fosters a curiosity for innovative possibilities.

Laura Back | Designer

Our team is made stronger, smarter, and more adept to problems that may occur because of Laura. She provides insights and powerful designs to create long-lasting, instrumental change in the lives of our clients and their consumers.

Steve Boreman | Creative Director

Steve's storytelling approach allows him to express brands in unexpected ways. He's also the creator of the internationally syndicated cartoon strip Little Dog Lost.

Bryan Bowman | 3D Designer

A master in translating concepts, Bryan diligently strives to showcase our client and team's vision. His unique understanding of what it takes to create spaces that surprise and inspire has pushed Chute Gerdeman to a level unparalleled by its competitors.

Carmen Buffalini | Designer

Carmen brings a mixture of creativity and detailed thinking to the table. Her innate understanding of industry news, techniques, and trends are paramount to the recommendations and solutions we provide to our clientele.

Ali Chidester | Designer

Our culture of teamwork and collaboration parallels Ali’s own vision of how work each day should be. Her interest and intellect are a perfect fit for the needs of both our clients, and of our team. She reaches high, always attains, and never stops loving what she does.
Meghan Coleman - Senior Designer

Meghan Coleman | Senior Designer

Not only a true talent for brand and graphic communication, Meghan is a source for laughter and inspiration. Ready with a joke of the day, she wows our clients with her brand right sense of design.

Lynne Cripps | Senior Accountant

Lynn strives to manage and lead our team of designers, innovators, and leadership forward. Her analytical mindset helps translate the best way to ensure we stay profitable and organized not just today, but for years to come.

Ryan Docter | 3D Production Manager

Using 2D and 3D animation skills to bring brand experiences to life, Ryan creates visual representations of designs to bring collaboration and clarity, to the process.

Elaine Evans | Creative Director

With a sophisticated design sensibility and analytic mind, Elaine fuses strategy and aesthetics seamlessly, creating brand identities and expressions that resonate with consumers and clients alike.

Joanna Felder | Director, Brand & Creative Strategy

Leading creative and brand strategy, Joanna dives deep into the consumer mindset and specializes in understanding what makes them care about a brand. Her rich knowledge of the industry and consumer research make her an incredible asset to ever endeavor.

Annie Foertmeyer | Designer

Annie is just one of the many tools the Brand Communications team utilizes to strive forward. She is a critical facet in the cultivation of new ideas, designs, and unique recommendations to the impressive work we do.

Cait Gollini | Senior Designer

Environments are made better, bolder, and more beautiful with the help of Cait. She brings an astute level of knowledge to the table, illustrating the designs our conceptual team works to create.

Heidi Gordon | Senior Program Manager

A small but a mighty force in our studio, Heidi keeps to schedules, deadlines, and budgets with her eye on the prize. Her quick wit and organizational skills motivate her teams to perform with excellence and keep her clients happy.

Ashley Griffin | Program Manager

Ashley enjoys developing strong relationships with brands and the people who represent them. With logistical mastery, she understands what it takes to turn ideas into reality.

Kevin Havens | Designer

Kevin brings a new view of creativity to our Brand Communciations team. An explorer at heart, Kevin's inspiration shines through in brand identity, in-store communications, and typography.

Sara Hardy | Designer

Sara’s charitable mindset and talented skills are why she continues to make such an impact on the overall production of services we offer. She continues to evoke, produce, and illustrate inspirational effort and results.

Michelle Hoffman | Materials Resource Coordinator

Michelle knows that details matter and having the best possible combination in our vast materials library makes the brand environment come together. She follows every design from concept to specification so everything is easy as pie.
Aubrey Langley - Designer

Aubrey Langley | Designer

Aubrey is imaginative when facing obstacles. A true team player, she reaches out to lend a helping hand whenever needed during the process.

Korry Magann | Architectural Design Lead

Korry leads the team in collaboration and management of a project. Guiding our team and consultants through the Design and Construction Administrative process.

Megan Maiberger | Client Design Manager

Megan is a favorite among our most dynamic clients, she is organized and encourages her team of architectural designers to deliver on-point detailed design that honors the creative integrity and set for maximum impact.

Caroline Moore | Senior Designer

Positive and cheerful with a fresh perspective. Caroline is thoughtful in her approach to brand communications and clearly articulates a brand's essence through identity, packaging, and environmental graphics.

Michael Munchoff | Creative Director

Attaining a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the Cleveland Institute of Art, Michael has the talent and ability to transform retail environments. His unwavering diligence and work ethic make him an integral part to Chute Gerdeman’s overall design process. Not only imaginative in developing concepts, his refined drawing style communicates ideas with exceptional detail, clarity, and brilliance.

Hannah Namenyi | Designer

Hannah's deep-rooted knowledge within the industry pushes us to create powerful, customer-driven environments. It is because of Hannah’s help our team continuously produces high-level, industry-leading results.

Emma Norris | Design Lead

With constant experimentation using different technologies as design tools, Emma understands what it takes to get the job done right and on schedule.

Rachael Passauer | Designer

Rachael works to build strong relationships driving successful project outcomes. She’s quick to dive into a challenge with the client team and drive results.

Dylan Rea | Communications Coordinator, Marketing

A true believer in the power of combining exceptional copy and impactful design, Dylan strives to uncover what Chute Gerdeman's services truly mean to our present and future clients.

Laura Rooney | Designer

Laura continues to excite, encourage, and engage. She helps to create a voice for a brand, and turn up its volume for any and all consumers to hear. Our clientele and team would be remiss if we did not pay Laura tribute for her part in our process.

Becca Robinett | Design Director

Becca integrates creative functions with deep retail expertise. Her ability see beyond the obvious solution leads to concepts for her clients that are exponentially more successful.

Morgan Sassler | Architectural Design Lead

As an Architectural Design Lead at CG, Morgan guides both our team and consultants through the Design Intent and Construction Administrative phases. She helps to bring projects from concept to reality in a whole new way.

Amanda Seevers | Director, Marketing

An observer of the market, noting happenings in the industry, and keeping the studio informed. A key contributor to CG's thought leadership; writing for both the blog and The Gist.

Susan Siewny | VP, Operations

In an industry in which relationship-building is key, Susan raises the bar. Her rewarding relationships with clients blur the distinction between account management and project coordination.

Leah Stewart | Executive Assistant to Denny Gerdeman

Leah helps cultivate our culture by delineating our meetings, travel, and sales initiatives. She is the first point of contact to many of our clientele, acting as the introduction to our company.

Danielle Taylor | Hospitality & Office Manager

As the bridge between client and chuties, Danielle facilitates the ongoing support to our day-to-day. Her unique understanding of what goes into planning events, client meetings, and general office support keeps our business running at full speed.

George Waite | Senior Program Manager

George serves as a liaison extraordinaire between clients and design team. Known for his ability to manage complicated programs with easy, George has a unique blend of energy, commitment, and attention to detail to for our clients.
Mary Lynn Waite - Creative Director

Mary Lynn Waite | Creative Director

Mary Lynn has mad skills developing brands through visual communications. Leading a team with style that shines through on our most successful projects.

Rachel Whipkey | Director, Human Resources

Diligent and resourceful, Rachel has been a key asset in adding to the already talented team Chute Gerdeman employs. Her upbeat demeanor and organized work ethic showcase her true value within the company.

Jeff Wietrzykowski | Design Director

Jeff believes all design is applied problem solving, no matter the challenge. Leading the team in defining visual positioning, he enjoys coming up with solutions that create memorable experiences.

Steve Williams | Senior Program Manager

Steve brings organization, attention to detail, and project management to the process. His skills contribute to design integrity and quality assurance for a variety of projects.

Kevin Worden | Director, Information Technology

Our tech guru, Kevin, is CG's go-to for system processes, server performance, and the latest and coolest gadgets. Keeping us functioning at the highest levels, Kevin makes sure the studio is humming and constantly improving.


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