You’re the Burger
to My Fries



Diverse background. Unified mission.

Denny Gerdeman | Co-Founder & Co-Chair

Brian Shafley | CEO

Wendy Johnson | COO

Jay Highland | CCO

Mindi Trank | VP, Strategy

Adam Limbach | VP, Brand Communication

Lynn Rosenbaum | VP, Brand Environments

Randy Liddil | VP, Digital Design Lab

Phil Wilson | VP, Business Development

Bonnie Kyle | Director, Architecture

Steve Johnson | Director, Graphic Production


Our people make the difference.

Megan Adornetto - Designer, Chute Gerdeman

Megan Adornetto | Designer

Laura Back | Designer

Steve Boreman | Creative Director

Bryan Bowman | 3D Designer

Carmen Buffalini | Designer

Ali Chidester | Designer

Meghan Coleman - Senior Designer

Meghan Coleman | Senior Designer

Lynne Cripps | Senior Accountant

Ryan Docter | 3D Production Manager

Elaine Evans | Creative Director

Joanna Felder | Director, Brand & Creative Strategy

Annie Foertmeyer | Designer

Cait Gollini | Senior Designer

Heidi Gordon | Senior Program Manager

Ashley Griffin | Program Manager

Kevin Havens | Designer

Sara Hardy | Designer

Michelle Hoffman | Materials Resource Coordinator

Aubrey Langley - Designer

Aubrey Langley | Designer

Korry Magann | Architectural Design Lead

Megan Maiberger | Client Design Manager

Caroline Moore | Senior Designer

Michael Munchoff | Creative Director

Hannah Namenyi | Designer

Emma Norris | Design Lead

Rachael Passauer | Designer

Dylan Rea | Communications Coordinator, Marketing

Laura Rooney | Designer

Becca Robinett | Design Director

Morgan Sassler | Architectural Design Lead

Amanda Seevers | Director, Marketing

Susan Siewny | VP, Operations

Leah Stewart | Executive Assistant to Denny Gerdeman

Danielle Taylor | Hospitality & Office Manager

George Waite | Senior Program Manager

Mary Lynn Waite - Creative Director

Mary Lynn Waite | Creative Director

Rachel Whipkey | Director, Human Resources

Jeff Wietrzykowski | Design Director

Steve Williams | Senior Program Manager

Kevin Worden | Director, Information Technology


A collection of insights research and observations across retail, restaurant, c-store and grocery. Helping brands provide a better experience for their customers. Enjoy.

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