Suitsupply finds the right fit in Soho

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Suitsupply finds the right fit in Soho

Suitsupply finds the right fit in Soho 800 834 Chute Gerdeman

Long gone are the days when bespoke tailoring could only be found in department stores. As men have become more sophisticated in style, so has the need for specialty retailers to support the demand. US brands like J.Crew and John Varvatos have already upped the ante. Joining the mix is Dutch retailer Suitsupply. Ready to make a bold statement stateside, the brand recently opened their first U.S. store in Soho.

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We haven’t had a chance to see Soho, but we did catch up with Suitsupply in London last year. There we were taken with the blend of modern environment and old-world amenities like on-site tailoring and a dizzying choice of collar, cuff and monogram styles for custom-made shirts.

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The store is dominated by oversized marketing images (which tend towards the controversial), brightly colored, lacquered mannequins, side-lit angled mirrors and the most original changing “pod” that descends from the ceiling by pulley onto the selling room floor. It’s modern, challenging and unforgettable.

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Suitsupply is the brainchild of fresh-faced Dutch entrepreneur Fokke de Jong, who has a clear eye on his market, “Our customer is more of a destination shopper—they orient themselves online and then they go to the store, but it’s not like they are wandering through the streets thinking, ‘I am going to buy a suit now.’ They’ve made up their mind before they even come in. This strategy has proved successful in current markets and we’re confident we’ll be successful in the U.S.”

Suitsupply operates stores in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands with stores planned for Milan, NY, Germany and Shanghai. Before you suit up for Soho, click here to check out our full photo gallery from their London store. You can also check out the in-depth article “Suitsupply: Coming to America” to get the whole scoop on this rapidly growing international brand.

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