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Sprout It: Garden Without Guessing

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I have a friend who has always had the best garden; throughout the summer her yard and kitchen are filled with fresh herbs and vegetables that cannot be beat by anything bought from the grocery store. I have always been a little envious of her green thumb but never had the confidence to try out my own. Lucky for me, and everyone else who has ever hesitated to start a garden of their own, she put her gardening and design expertise to work and created Sprout it; a web based app that takes the “guessing out of gardening.”

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Created by Sarah Bush, Matt Armstead, Brooke Paul and R. Brian Stone, Sprout It helps users to design and maintain their garden by guiding them through growing plans, planting tips and advice and notices that are specific to your garden and location.

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Sprout it appeals to a wide audience, naming “foodies, young professionals and¬†aspiring mixologists” as just a few groups who would be drawn to growing their own food. While the gourmet prospects are exciting, the educational prospects are equally as important. Sprout It is a wonderful tool to teach about gardening and how to maintain a household with vegetables grown from your own garden. The app itself contains a lot of valuable information, but they have also done a great job of demonstrating their expertise through social media outlets such as Facebook. Tips, facts and nutritional information are just a few of the things that can be learned by following Sprout It.

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Another interesting aspect of the app is the sponsorship that backed this small start-up company. Although it is funded by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, you won’t find hints embedded into the content about integrating Miracle-Gro products into your gardening routine, nor is Miracle-Gro trying to present the information on Sprout it as their own. It is really quite simple; they are two local companies that share the common goals of cultivating empowered and informed gardeners as well as raising awareness around the benefits of organic gardening and home grown food.

We love seeing new and exciting projects like this come out of the Columbus design community, and we look forward to seeing how Sprout It evolves! Happy gardening!

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