Social Media is the New Brand Currency

Social Media is the New Brand Currency

Social Media is the New Brand Currency 800 466 Chute Gerdeman

Social media applications are creating a sense of urgency and helping brands extend the in-store conversation into an ongoing dialogue. Content is now the consumer connection and real-time moments are positioning popular brands at the top.

Exclusive Entry

Fashion shows use to be filled with high-society fashion forward influencers, but over time brands have recognized their loyal consumers deserve their own level of access. Recently luxury clothing and accessories brand, Burberry (well known for their digital innovations) teamed up with snapchat to preview their new Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Before models even rocked the runway, exclusive items were released for preview for the brand’s followers. While the “story” was only temporary, it left a lasting impression and gave consumers with something to look forward to.

Earlier this summer, General Electric combined the ever popular video streaming app, Periscope, with a drone to launch #Droneweek in attempt to attract a younger generation and educate consumers on their continued efforts in innovation. The weeklong social initiative gave followers a behind the scenes look at GE facilities, jet engines, and wind turbines, and provided expert commentary and interviews by GE’s scientists and technologists. Understanding today’s media landscape and the need to be where there is an audience, the forward thinking brand has been an early adopter to social media platforms with a presence also on Facebook, Vine and Snapchat.

Power to the People

When it comes to social applications, it’s not always just about the brand. Sprite took a secondary position in the spotlight to leverage their following and give their loyalists a personal brand lift. Utilizing Snapchat, the popular soda brand took things to the next level with the introduction of snapcodes (two-dimensional QR codes) on a limited edition release of Sprite cans in Brazil.

The campaign, RFRSH Na Lata (meaning “refresh on the can”), allows individuals to submit their own snapcodes via a microsite for consideration to be stamped on cans that will be rolling out into the market in the new year. Launching the scannable can campaign, the brand identified a select group of Brazilian Gen Z influencers to feature who range from skateboarders to artists to musicians to kick things off and create buzz. Consumers get exclusive access to “fresh” content and new connections, not to mention the once in a lifetime chance to achieve celebrity status in the social realm.

Educational Extension

Everyday home improvements just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of Lowe’s “Fix in Six” Vine videos. The big-box brand scouted out BBDO to help release a series of instructional videos catering to the common challenges of everyday life. Focusing things like what to do with a stripped screw or how to removed wood floor scratches with walnuts, the 6-second videos turn into little life hacks.

It’s hard not to talk about Oreo in the context of killing it in social media. The brand notoriously made a slam dunk during the super bowl black out when their “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet went viral. Since then the brand has kept consumers captive with their witty snack-sized social content. They even launched a Snack Hack Vine series, which tossed aside traditional lengthy recipes and went for 6-second innovative creations like Oreo popcorn, frozen pops, and cookie cubes for your iced coffee. The brand’s how-to videos take the traditional cookie into a world of possibilities.

Takeaway: The brand engagement lifecycle now has lengthened thanks to social media. It’s becoming the new brand currency for consumer connection. Identify opportunities that open the door to your brand and provide consumers with entry.

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