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Nokia Gift Machine, Louis Vuitton’s Spots, Nike House of Innovation, and Unique Partnerships

Editor’s Note: Once in awhile we come across something noteworthy and we want to share it with our readers. However, due to a variety of reasons (it’s too new to obtain research, it’s in a far-away land that we can’t quite reach, etc.) we don’t quite know what to do about it other than tell you, “Hey, this is amazing and you should know about it.” Show & Tell is a collection of those recent things.

1. Nokia Gift Machine

The Nokia Gift Machine is a total mash-up of high-tech and low-tech. Utilizing location-based social networking site, Foursquare, visitors can “check-in” on their mobile phone and receive a gift just for being there. The machine is manually filled with cylinder tubes containing everything from candy bars and movie tickets to the ultimate prize, a Nokia device. After approaching the vending machine and checking in on Foursquare, a cylinder tube is dispensed to unveil the prize. What a simple way to reward a customer and create a moment of surprise and delight! Check out a video of the Nokia Gift Machine at work.

Nokia Gift Machine

2. Louis Vuitton’s Spots

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. The newly released collection features Kusama’s signature polka dots on everything from dresses, shoes, suitcases, shoes and more. During the unveiling on July 11, the event included not only the product launch but an updated exterior façade and windows (emblazoned with dots of course) at LV’s Fifth Ave. store in NYC. We applaud this collaboration because it goes beyond just the product on the shelf and has made an impact on the exterior. What better way to let customers know something new is happening inside. Check out the Louis Vuitton website to read more and Racked for your chance to see the spots for yourself.

3. Nike House of Innovation at Selfridges

Coinciding with the much-anticipated Olympic Games, Nike is has unveiled cutting-edge technology and marked this “Summer of sport.” The athletic brand has has partnered with London retailer Selfridges to create the Nike House of Innovation. In Selfridges’ Ultralounge, the House of Innovation features five zones where customers can test and purchase the newest Nike products and attend events and seminars with sports stars and Nike designers. The shop is open daily through August 12th. Can’t make it there in person? You can still shop the innovative, new gear online.

4. Unique Partnerships

Recent announcements from Nordstrom and Target just go to show that unique partnerships are still thriving! Nordstrom announced that select locations nationwide will feature products from fast-fashion retailer, Topshop. The collection will feature favorite Topshop items, as well as limited edition, exclusive pieces. Check out The New York Times for more details on Nordstrom and Topshop.

Target’s latest collab is slated to be a partnership with Neiman Marcus and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). Their holiday collection will feature products from 24 CFDA designers, including Marchesa, Tory Burch, Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Brian Atwood, Oscar de la Renta, and CFDA president Diane Von Furstenberg. The collection will be sold in both Target and Neiman Marcus locations. And we thought Missoni was huge! Should we start lining up now? Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what we can expect.

Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration

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