Show & Tell: Tailored Ferraris, Burger King’s "Garden Grill" and Gucci’s New Flagship

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Show & Tell: Tailored Ferraris, Burger King’s "Garden Grill" and Gucci’s New Flagship

Show & Tell: Tailored Ferraris, Burger King’s "Garden Grill" and Gucci’s New Flagship 800 1083 Chute Gerdeman

Editor’s Note: Once in awhile we come across something noteworthy and we want to share it with our readers. However, due to a variety of reasons (it’s too new to obtain research, it’s in a far-away land that we can’t quite reach, etc.) we don’t quite know what to do about it other than tell you “Hey. This is amazing and you should know about it.” Show & Tell is a collection of those recent things.

1. Few people get to experience the ultimate luxury of purchasing a Ferrari, but for those who do, the experience just got more exclusive. Ferrari recently announced a new Tailor-Made program. The program allows buyers, for a small fee—25% of the car—to personalize to a whole new level of detail. From interiors to accessories to trim, buyers have the rare opportunity to design their car as if it were a custom suit. Concerned your trim might not coordinate with your fabric? No worries, as part of the program, each buyer is assigned a personal designer to assist in the customization process. Check out this video for a behind the scenes peek of how the process works. For more information, check out these links from WWD, Motor Authority or Inside Line.

2. For awhile we’ve seen fast food brands developing high design concepts, notably McDonald’s. Watch out Mickey D’s, because Burger King is also embracing a more sophisticated aesthetic. The “Garden Grill” concept brings the outdoor patio experience indoors, incorporating warm natural woods, materials such as brick, concrete and copper paired with friendly green tones. As Fast Company puts it, “The overall atmosphere is more evocative of a college-town café serving heirloom-tomato salads than a burger-flipping fast-food chain.” The first location for this concept is now open in Singapore, with plans to expand to Japan. For more images and information, check out the full article here.

3. As part of the brand’s 90th birthday celebration, Gucci re-opened the Milan flagship store on the famous Via Montenapoleone, launching the Gucci Immersive Retail Experience initiative. In addition to the glamorous golds, smoked mirrors, elegant marble and fluted glass, the store features fifty 45″ and 50″ LCD screens, streaming real time fashion shows and enabling interactive content for couture-loving customers. It’s no wonder the store’s fabulously high-tech; design partner OOOii was also involved in big time Hollywood productions Minority Report and Mission Impossible. For more information, check out these links from CCP-Luxury and Retail Design Blog.

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