Show & Tell: Benetton Windows, Melissa Store Opens in SoHo & Guess Colors Us Inspired

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Show & Tell: Benetton Windows, Melissa Store Opens in SoHo & Guess Colors Us Inspired

Show & Tell: Benetton Windows, Melissa Store Opens in SoHo & Guess Colors Us Inspired 800 1010 Chute Gerdeman

Editor’s Note: Once in awhile we come across something noteworthy and we want to share it with our readers. However, due to a variety of reasons (it’s too new to obtain research, it’s in a far-away land that we can’t quite reach, etc.) we don’t quite know what to do about it other than tell you “Hey. This is amazing and you should know about it.” Show & Tell is a collection of those recent things.

1. We’re always looking for great examples of digital signage in retail. One example recently brought to our attention was the Benetton Live Windows in Milan created by Fabrica. A sophisticated software system connects ten Benetton flagship stores from around the world in real time—from New Delhi to Moscow, and London to Shanghai. Replacing traditional mannequins, the high-definition, video-walls incorporate the company’s ad campaigns and product offering, as well include interactive elements with the goal of creating visibility and connecting with people outside the stores. Alfio Pozzoni, Project Leader and Creative Director at Fabrica for Benetton Live Windows Project said, “Fun is the key to get a major memory retention. Positive experiences live longer: this is what we want, to offer people new kinds of positive experiences, letting them playing with their own image, in a public context.” We’re not the only ones taking notice, the project took First Place in last week’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

2. Brazilian footwear brand, Melissa, known for its colorful jelly shoes, opened its first location outside of Brazil in New York’s SoHo last month. Melissa’s brand director, Paulo Pedó Filho explained that “the point is not to sell a lot of Melissas. It’s a galeria.” The space at 102 Greene St. is very much an interactive experience for guests. Psychedelic video art runs at the back of the store; click here to watch a video.

We reported on the São Paulo location back in October, referring to Melissa as a shoe store mixed with an art gallery. Check out our Changing Façades post.

3. Lots of businesses are using Pinterest nowadays (we reported on the hot online pinboard last year before it went mainstream). We wanted to recognize Guess for using Pinterest to promote their 2012 colored denim. The brand’s Color Me Inspired Contest asks fellow pinners to show how color inspires them in exchange for a chance to win a pair of colored denim! If you’re interested in hopping on the Pinterest wagon, click here to read Inc.‘s 9 Tips to Boost Your Business using Pinterest.

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