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URBN, Inc. develops lifestyle center concept, Brooks Brothers plans a steakhouse

Editor’s Note: We often come across noteworthy items we want to share with our readers. However, due to a variety of reasons (it’s too new to obtain research, it’s in a far-away land that we can’t quite reach, etc.) we don’t quite know what to do about it other than tell you, “Hey, this is amazing and you should know about it.” Show & Tell is a collection of those recent findings.

1. Live Urban Style

When it comes to creating a lifestyle-driven brand, few do it better than URBN, Inc., the corporate company behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, BHLDN and Terrain to name a few. That’s why our jaws dropped and hearts fluttered when we read that their future plans involve building a branded lifestyle center in the greater Philadelphia area set to open in 2016. The development will include boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants, a boutique hotel and possibly even a spa. Is it too early to plan our road trip? We can’t wait to see more unfold around URBN’s mini-city! Read more about it here from Racked and here from PSFK.

2. Brooks Brothers Does Dining

Have you heard of a steakhouse called Makers & Merchants? Perhaps not yet, but keep your eye on NYC’s Midtown come summer of 2014. Retailer Brooks Brothers’ latest venture is not of a sartorial, but rather a culinary, nature. The classic brand plans to open a fine steakhouse around the corner from their Madison Avenue flagship, in a space they took over from J.Press at 11 E. 44th Street. The restaurant will serve as a prototype for a potential chain expansion across the US. What’s more interesting is that this location is just about a block from the competition—Tommy Bahama’s New York restaurant as seen below. Reportedly, Tommy Bahama’s combination restaurant-store locations generate two and a half times the sales per square foot as their retail-only locations. Will we see more brands doing this in the near future? Read more here from Buzzfeed and here from the New York Post.

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