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Burberrys Hi-Tech London Flagship, Niketown’s Chicago Renovation, and the C9 Active Apparel Store in San Francisco

Editor’s Note: When we spot something noteworthy, our first thought is to share it with our readers. We might not have loads of research about it, but we do know it’s something we’ll want to experience at the first opportunity. Show & Tell is a collection of recent finds that makes us say, “Hey, this looks amazing, and you should know about it.”

1. Burberry’s Hi-Tech London Flagship

After two years of renovations, Burberry has unveiled its new World Live Flagship at 121 Regent Street in London. It’s a celebration of British design and craftsmanship and a hi-tech integration that brings to life. Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts, explains the thinking behind the name, “Burberry Regent Street brings our digital world to life in a physical space for the first time, where customers can experience every facet of the brand through immersive multimedia content exactly as they do online. Walking through the doors is just like walking into our website. It is Burberry World Live.”

Claiming the biggest screen in retail (at 38 square meters it equates to 409 square feet!), along with interactive elements including 500 speakers and 100 digital screens, the 44,000 square foot audio-visual experience introduces a revolutionary way to engage with shoppers. Utilizing RFID technology, customers can hold up apparel to any mirror and watch as the reflection transforms into screens showing runway footage and other multimedia marketing footage specifically triggered by the piece.

Rich with Burberry heritage elements, the space balances hi-tech and luxury with fumed oak, timber paneling, glass gilding with gold leaf, bronze cast signage, bronze floor grills and radial stone floors.

For more, check out this fantastic video of Burberry’s CCO, Christopher Bailey, introducing 121 Regent Street, London.


2. Niketown Chicago

Niketown Chicago has undergone some serious renovations. The 50,000 square foot store has been redesigned with energy efficiency in mind and includes the use of recycled materials like reclaimed basketball court floors salvaged from local school gyms.

As before, there are products for running, training, football, basketball, soccer, golf and tennis along with sportswear and Chicago sports-themed merchandise. Previously, the space was divided into 3 floors; now, there are 5. The top floor is rumored to feature a full-size basketball court for customers to test shoes. The interactive elements don’t end there; there’s a NIKEid studio for product customization and personalization, a Digital Hub where customers can consult with associates about Nike+ products and technologies as well as treadmills featuring gait analysis technology.

Most impressive? The world’s largest, premium selection of Jordan brand footwear and the complete collection of Air Jordans is on display. Part sports museum and part interactive retail, sports enthusiasts of any caliber will love browsing the hottest new products at Niketown Chicago.

To see more photos, check out Nike Chicago’s Facebook gallery.

3. C9 Active Apparel Store in San Francisco

With the activewear category going strong, Target is running with this trend, having recently opened a stand-alone store focused on their much-loved C9 brand. Sitting next to the San Francisco CityTarget, the new C9 Active Apparel store was designed as an environment fully focused on the C9 brand. There are no signature Target elements hereno bullseyes or oversized price-point signage. Giving a nod to the city in which it resides, San Francisco landmarks are featured in the store’s brand communications: photos of people doing yoga, running and playing football locally can be found throughout the store and a video of active residents greets customers at the entry.

There are currently no plans to open additional C9 stores, but a spokesperson for Target said they’ll take into consideration the success of this store when planning for the future. Between the growth of the activewear category and the brand loyalty we’ve recognized for the C9 brand, we’re confident this store will do wellwe’d definitely shop C9 Active Apparel if only it were closer!

Featured Images via, Nike Chicago Facebook,

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