SHED: A Retail Concept for a Locavore Lifestyle

SHED: A Retail Concept for a Locavore Lifestyle

SHED: A Retail Concept for a Locavore Lifestyle 800 563 Chute Gerdeman

Almost 20 years ago husband and wife duo, Cindy Daniel, an environmental scientist, and Doug Lipton, a San Francisco retailer, created a farm in Healdsburg, California. Over years of honing their skills to harvest and cultivate crops grew a community concept centralized around agriculture, SHED.

The 10,000 sq. ft. two-story market, restaurant and retail space caters to the locavore lifestyle. The building’s architecture instantly communicates their mission for transparency with a modern metal barn-like structure of transom glass windows. The storefront garage doors allow for a seamless flow from indoor out.

Inside, polished concrete floors, bright-white walls and light wood create a fresh take on the traditional farm feel. Oversized wooden letters divide the space into areas for FARM, COOK and EAT which supports the concepts central theme to promote the complete food cycle from growing to preparing to eating. Essential culinary tools for kitchen, farm, and garden can be found within each of the designated areas, along with local artisans ingredients and curated packaged goods complemented by product stories and info about the maker. Metal pails showcase bouquets of fresh cut herbs and flowers, and a bountiful selection of organic fruits and vegetables are thoughtfully presented in woven baskets. A white marble counter and glass display case prominently feature prepared foods to take home.

Located in the middle of the space is the heart of the concept, the open kitchen café. Here guests will find a seasonally inspired menu compiled of produce from local farmers. And while the menu is impressive, the Fermentation Bar serves as a unique attraction. With homemade kombucha on tap, kefir water, beer, wine and old-fashioned shrubs, the options are endless to quench your thirst. Communal seating brings the café experience full circle supporting connectedness and interaction for guests.

Completing the community experience, the upstairs serves as an event space where culinary minds can meet for a wide range of events from educational workshops to Sunday Suppers to music performances.

Multifaceted retail concepts, like SHED, that cater to consumer lifestyles and build a place for community will only continue to grow in today’s retail landscape. It’s how brands are creating that irreplaceable in-person point of connection.

Photo credit: Architizer | Chute Gerdeman

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