Production + Process: A Tour of Shaw Contract

Production + Process: A Tour of Shaw Contract

Production + Process: A Tour of Shaw Contract 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

We recently had the incredible opportunity to visit Shaw Contract, a division of Shaw Industries, in Cartersville, GA. With one of the most diverse product portfolios of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, and other specialty flooring items, we were excited to meet a part of the team at Shaw, and learn a little bit more about the process from inception to concept all the way through testing and manufacturing.

Shaw Contract Carpet Samples

If we weren’t already sold on the product quality, we were impressed by the flexible and informed approach they take to creating and improving their product lines. By taking into consideration direct communication and feedback between consumers and designers, who are frequently working with their products in multiple scenarios (interior design, retail, hospitality, etc.), they’re able to create products that truly respond to their users’ needs.

Shaw Contract Facility
Shaw Contract Facility

Aside from the process, the mere size and scale of the manufacturing plant we toured was extremely impressive. Walking through the plant it was hard not to feel small next to two and a half story machines weaving rolls and rolls of carpet. As one of the largest carpet and carpet fiber producers in the world, it was clearly evident.

Shaw Contract Materials
Shaw Contract Materials

As a company, they exhibit a clear transparency for their position on sustainability. They’ve made it their mission to produce products that are made with safe and healthy ingredients that positively impact people and the environment. They’ve even created a cradle-to-cradle certified carpet backing called “EcoWorx” and “Eco Solution Q” which is a cradle-to-cradle certified fiber. Both products, at the end of their use, can be picked up by Shaw and taken back to the factory to recycle into more fiber and carpet backing.

Shaw Contract Designer Facility

Taking their sustainability value into holistic action their newest designer facility will even represent a LEED GOLD building certification. You can read more about their initiatives and stay up to date on future goals via a their sustainability report published on their website.

Photo Credit: Shaw Contract | Chute Gerdeman

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