Shape Shift: Time for the Triangle

Shape Shift: Time for the Triangle

Shape Shift: Time for the Triangle 800 564 Chute Gerdeman

So often when we think of geometric glory we think of the perfect circle or a reliable ninety-degree angle. Lately in design we see the hexagon. Everywhere. No disrespect to this six-edged polygon but enough is enough already.

I think it’s time we let the triangle shine! A multitude of compositions can be achieved with this quiet, underrated yet dynamic shape. The influence of prisms and kaleidoscopes are strong here, creating exciting patterns that all begin with sixty-degree angles.

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Russian wall paneling company Prokk creates beautiful patterns with wood grain and colored triangular tiles inspired by the familiar childhood snake toy.

Artist Joanie Lemercier has been keen on the shape for some time now. She might say she’s “obsessed with light” but she has a mathematical sense that is sure to inspire the design world.

Maharam has soft hued vinyl upholstery called Argyle that is large enough to play up the triangle rather than look ultra preppy as the name might suggest.

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New York Architecture firm Grzywinski + Pons showed off their keen sensibilities yet again with their most recent project Urban Villa hotel in London. I’m not 100% sure how they achieved the mellow triangular pattern on the floor and bar, but it couldn’t be lovelier. If I had to guess, they might be using a product similar to Mirth Studio’s painted hardwood floor tiles, but likely porcelain.

Photo credit: ArchDaily | Prokk | Joanie Lemercier | Maharam


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