Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience With Pop-Up

Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience With Pop-Up

Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience With Pop-Up 800 504 Chute Gerdeman

Imagine having a restaurant reservation but you don’t know where you’re dining. Intrigued? Well, that’s part of the formula that makes this new dining experience an adventure.

Dinner Lab challenges the rules of dining, and experiments with a unique social experience giving emerging culinary chefs a temporary “pop-up” platform to showcase their skills and perfect their menu. Exclusive to members who pay an additional annual fee, each event costs anywhere from $70-$75, and includes a five-to ten-course meal, tip, taxes, and unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The location is kept under wraps until the day before the meal, when members are then notified via email. The consistent element in this self-prescribed inconsistent idea is that it’s always in a non-restaurant space. A place you’d likely never find yourself having a meal like an abandoned warehouse, seaport, dance studio, or church, but never twice in the same location.

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Long communal tables seat up to a couple hundred, and there’s no assigned seating so guests are encouraged to have conversation with complete strangers (unless they brought a permitted plus one).

The set up intentionally creates an intimate experience between the guests and chef. Each chef gets a chance to share their story and what makes them passionate about the meal they’ve prepared. And since none of the venues actually have fully established kitchens, guests get a chance to watch the food preparation and plating right in front of them. At the end of the meal members critique the chef and their food on taste, quality, and presentation. The chefs whose menus score well are taken on the road to debut their menu in other markets.

This culinary club concept is now popping up in 23 different cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and expanding to markets aside from those big metropolitan cities like our very own backyard in Columbus, OH.

Photo Credit: | Dinner Lab

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