RED Gala: Wanderlust

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RED Gala: Wanderlust

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It’s not often that designers get to play with paper machè, toy planes and candy. Luckily, thanks to a sponsorship from Chute Gerdeman, I recently had the opportunity to get crafty and creative in a whole new way.


Leslie Hoerig (interior designer at 360 Architecture and buddy of yours truly) and I teamed up to design a tablescape for the RED Gala event here in Columbus. Organized by AIDS Resource Center Ohio, the event was an opportunity for local creatives to design amazing tablescapes while raising money for AIDS outreach in central Ohio.

“Wanderlust” was the theme of the evening, a theme which was reflected in every element of the night—from the event location (held inside an active hanger at a small airport) to the servers dressed in pilot and flight attendant uniforms. The hanger doors were kept open so attendees could watch planes come and go, and passport stamps were projected onto the massive hanger walls.

Our table theme was “Joy of the Journey,” which we embodied with maps, travel toys, snacks and drinks from around the world. The centerpiece was a carefully crafted, illuminated cloud punctuated by red toy planes, trains, and automobiles. Postcards, designed by Leslie, were strategically scattered across the table.

Other table themes varied and included ideas like location specific themes, travel style and travel necessity. Leaving us all with the desire to fly off into the wild blue sky and experience an amazing adventure.

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