Rio’s Sidewalk Patterns

Rio de Janeiro's sidewalk patterns postcard | Chute Gerdeman - award-winning retail design and branding.

Rio’s Sidewalk Patterns

Rio’s Sidewalk Patterns 800 646 Chute Gerdeman

On my recent trip to Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, I came across an interesting technique–each beach is identified by a unique pattern layout on its sidewalks.  I was fascinated with the stone walk and how they have made these “graphic patterns” famous around the world.

The wavy Copacabana walkway tiles are made up of black and white stone tiles and cover a total length of 4.15 km.

Image property of Chute Gerdeman

Ipanema Beach’s tiles have more of a retro wavy pattern.

Image property of Chute Gerdeman

Joatinga Beach features a fist motif pattern.

Featured Image: © 2010 Google, Map Data © 2010 MapLink/Tele Atlas. Inset image property of Chute Gerdeman.


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