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Modern Classics

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I traveled all the way to Austria and found great inspiration in the magnificent architecture and ornate detailing of the historic buildings all through the city of Vienna. The exterior of the old H&M building on the Graben (an avenue of high-end shopping destinations in the center of Vienna), beckoned me to explore the interior. Once inside, I was surprised to find that the modern-day fast fashion retailer had left all the detailing of the once E. Braun & Co. building exposed. The detailing was spectacular—original crystal chandeliers, an old glass elevator with a brass finish, and my personal favorite, a three-floor mahogany staircase, which appeared to be a hand-carved. It’s an interesting take on mixing modern product with historic elegant detailing. It’s contradictory, but I think it’s rather successful!

My takeaway: Just because you see a recognizable brand name on an exterior, don’t assume you know what’s inside. Go on in, you might find something new…or old…but both of those can be inspiring!

Featured Image: © 2010 Google, Map Data © 2010 Tele Atlas. Inset image property of Chute Gerdeman.

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