A fresh, multi-generational jewelry experience.

Not just hearing what your customers want but delivering on that feedback with a more personal store design based on consumer research.

Kay Jewelers came to Chute Gerdeman to refresh their brand and update their store design to attract Millennials all without alienating their loyal customers. The design team was challenged to reinvent the way their customers shop by listening to what the customers want.

Through consumer research the design team learned that Millennials gravitated towards a more personal approach to working with associates. Side-by-side selling was introduced by redesigning the jewelry showcases to remove any barriers between the customer and associate. Technology now enhances the experience and is integrated in consultation areas and the bridal wall.

Kay Jewelers - interior 1 - Chute Gerdeman
Kay Jewelers - interior 2 - Chute Gerdeman


The open store layout encourages customers to explore a fashion jewelry runway, and features specialty branded boutiques to showcase the most popular brands that Kay offers. Contemporary finishes update the store design, creating a theme of modern romance.

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