Holiday Wonder

What if we bring two much-loved brands together around a world of exploration, play, and delight. Target and F.A.O. Schwarz form a magical partnership just in time for the holidays.

Celebrating an exciting partnership with Target, FAO Schwarz needed help developing an experience that captures the best of both brands. While also working with Target’s private label products, there needed to be a world where both offerings could coexist. With a rapid timeline, we helped to bring this fun partnership to life in NYC just in time for the holidays.

FAO Schwarz at Target

Since both brands share distinct characteristics, it was important to design a space that delivered the partnership with a sense of arrival. Specific brand communications add design cues that celebrate and balance both brands. Allowing them to live together—a true creative collaboration.

We created shop-in-shops that give each private label and FAO product a chance to shine. With a focus on detail, the environment connects packaging, graphics, and even digital LED displays throughout the space to keep a uniform look and feel while encouraging exploration.

Given the festive time of the year, it was important to develop a theme of fanfare, encapsuling the holidays. Throughout the store, we displayed exclusive banner language that plays on iconic figures like Target’s Bullseye and FAO’s Toy Soldier to give the partnership a story.

In just over a month, our design team was able to create a special space that pairs two of America’s favorite brands, into a happy holiday experience.

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