One Goal. Find a Cure.

One Goal. Find a Cure.

One Goal. Find a Cure. 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

At Chute Gerdeman, our team is dedicated to one idea: Creating Good. While our passion is delivering design services in partnership with amazing clients, our purpose is much bigger than that. We’re driven to discover the small gestures that connect us all, celebrate the diversity and inclusion of all people, find new ways to surprise and delight, and create powerful and lasting experiences across the globe.

Pelotonia gives Chute Gerdeman the opportunity to realize these goals in new ways—and more importantly, to contribute to the goal of ending cancer. Led by employees, our Pelotonia riders look forward to participating in a movement that’s raised over $130 million for research while connecting with the thousands of other participants who make our community so good. Here’s a closer look at what inspires these individuals to pedal for a purpose.

Ashley Humphrey: Rider

This will be my sixth year riding in Pelotonia. I started riding because I love cycling, but after my first year it became about something so much more. I saw people on the side of the road cheering me on and thanking me – Me? Just for riding my bike? But it isn’t about the ride, it’s about the money raised that is going directly towards cancer research and finding a cure. Year after year I hear updates from The James on statewide initiatives funded by Pelotonia money, top scientists brought to Columbus, Ohio, and research breakthroughs that never would have been funded if it weren’t for Pelotonia. Lives are saved thanks to Pelotonia. This isn’t just a ride for me anymore, it’s a way that I can try and make a difference in someone’s life. I want to end cancer.

Megan Adornetto: Volunteer

Cancer has ridden my family and those I love for as long as I remember.  My grandpa was first diagnosed with cancer and had beaten it long before I was born. He was diagnosed with cancer a second time, this time Prostate cancer, and this battle would ultimately be his last. My grandpa died when I was 13, and I have cherished the memories I’ve had of him for the last 10 years.

A girl who went to my church growing up, was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. She is in recovery now, but watching someone who is only a few years younger than me going through the various stages of cancer treatment has really opened my eyes. A sorority sister of mine has been in remission for 4 years now. Just this past winter, I was given another reason to walk in the Lung Force Walk in Cleveland in memory of a family member who lost the fight against lung cancer. The list of survivors and the list of those who just couldn’t fight anymore goes on.

Cancer research is a big deal to me, I’m always looking for ways to donate my time to help find a cure to something that has such a devastating impact. I’m not the most coordinated on a bike (it’s probably been close to 10 years since I’ve been on one), so this year, I am choosing to dedicate my time volunteering for Pelotonia, and being a cheerleader for the coworkers that are coordinated enough to ride 25+ miles. Volunteering is something I’m good at; it’s something I enjoy, and so being able to participate in Pelotonia as a volunteer is a privilege that I look forward to, and I’m excited to meet other volunteers, survivors, and fighters.


Megan Maiberger: Rider

The first year I rode in Pelotonia I signed up in a hospital room sitting next to my grandma that was fighting the losing battle against Pancreatic cancer. 100% of donations stay right here in my home town, so it’s easy to see the difference this event is making. There’s no cure yet, so I continue to ride for my other family members and friends who are, or will, be effected by this horrible disease.

Amanda Seevers: Volunteer

Nine years ago, my heart stopped when my sister was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. At the young age of 31 this shouldn’t have been happening and her doctor gave her two years to live. Shock, rage, and complete devastation hit my family. And it hit us hard. This vibrant and enthusiastic girl was being destroyed from the inside out and it just goes to show that cancer is unforgiving and relentless. My dear sister went through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, and clinical trials all with a rock star attitude. She beat the odds, no–crushed them, and just celebrated her 40th birthday! (Sorry sis!) She inspires me every day. Next year, my goal is to get on the bike and ride, but until then I’ll be donating my time supporting those riders who are determined to make a difference and find a cure.

Leah Stewart: Rider

I’m a big believer that doing good for others is the best reason to join in on anything. I’m always up for a new adventure, and being a part of something that brings positivity and humanity to this world. When given the opportunity to give back and to be a small part in the BIG fight against cancer, all while doing something I love, the answer was clear and simple–because I can. I ride for those who are not able and for those that are working tirelessly to end cancer.

Randy Liddil: Rider

I’m riding for my mother who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over 17 years ago.  I took time off during college to help take care of her and have seen her completely recover, live life, and enjoy her health. Recently, I am seeing her face the same challenge all over again which has been even harder for our entire family. Because of organizations like Pelotonia, she has access to new medicine with a very high success rate that wasn’t around before. I’m so glad to be a part of something that is a force supporting this kind of research and helping people continue to live life!

Sara Hardy: Rider

My family, like many, has known the struggles and loss of cancer. This past year, I lost my grandmother to bladder cancer. Years before that we lost a family friend to a rare stomach cancer. This is a horrible disease to bear witness to, and cancer does not discriminate. However, I believe one day there will be a cure; that’s why I ride.

This year, I am choosing to ride to honor those who have lost the battle, the memory of my grandma and our friend Mike, and to celebrate the survivors. Pelotonia is an amazing movement with One Goal: End Cancer. John and I look forward to the challenge of riding the 45 miles on our tandem and supporting this cause.


Korry Magann: Rider

Like many others, I have had people close to me diagnosed with cancer. Most recently, my father was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer in November of 2015. Through the constant research and breakthroughs in treatment, my dad and many others are here today and can enjoy the many things a healthy life has to offer. It is because of Pelotonia, and efforts like it that have made it possible. I’m thankful and I ride to give back, and to show my support in helping to one day end cancer for good.

Nicole Harrod: Rider

I’m so excited to be an active participant in Pelotonia 2017! Like most, many people dear to me have been affected by cancer—grandparents, aunt, uncle, friends and most recently, my father-in-law. I ride for them. I ride for everyone affected by cancer—to find a cure in my lifetime.

Hanna Namenyi: Rider

I have had both friends and distant relatives battle with cancer and though I was not in the thick of their journey, seeing anyone go through that is painful and scary. Watching not only the person diagnosed but their immediate family members live with cancer is heart wrenching. Pelotonia is helping us move towards a world without cancer and if I can help, just a little bit, with my time and through fundraising I am honored to do so and join the community of those who are creating an army and a support system for those diagnosed, survivors and loved ones affected by cancer.

Emma Conway: Rider

I ride in memory of those my family has lost to cancer and to support the survivors in my life. This is my first-year riding, and I’m so inspired by the stories of those whose treatment has been directly impacted by Pelotonia. This year, I get to actively support an amazing organization that is making such a grand impact on cancer research.

Nicole Harrod: Rider

I’m riding to support and honor all of those who have fought and are still fighting the battle against cancer. I’m riding for those who aren’t able, so that we can help fund the life-saving research happening at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. I’m riding with the hope that with enough support, we’ll be able to find a cure.

The Design Debut

Our team of creatives haven’t just been busy training for the ride, but also preparing for the company’s first Pelotonia debut, which means showing up in style. A healthy jersey design competition and round of voting led to a final design submitted by Sara Hardy.

Jersey Design
Jersey Design

Support our ride, and donate to the cause.

Photo Credit: The Columbus Dispatch | Chute Gerdeman


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