Painted Floor Tiles Without The Paint

Painted Floor Tiles Without The Paint

Painted Floor Tiles Without The Paint 800 542 Chute Gerdeman

In our industry we’re always looking for new and innovative products for unique flooring solutions. Our most recent discovery of Mirth Studio was total hidden gem. Mirth Studio was started by artist and interior designer, Sally Bennet. While renovating her home she discovered there was an absence in the marketplace for the the type of flooring tile she was looking for—a hardwood floor tile with a colorful, painted pattern. She had previously painted tiles for her clients’ home interior designs, but this time around it wasn’t going to be an option. Bennet researched the wood flooring industry and found a manufacturing partner that would allow her to utilize the latest advances in printing and screening to create artistic patterned hardwood floor tiles. Mirth is currently the only company in the world manufacturing these innovatively engineered tiles!

The pre-finished 12″ x 12″ tiles are completely customizable, allowing you to apply your own branded patterned print. Or you can select from the various off the shelf collections like Urban Geometrics or Timeless Graphics. The tiles are designed using a tongue and groove construction, and can be easily installed right over plywood or concrete just by gluing them down. Much like carpet tiles, you have the flexibility to replace a single tile or a small section.

And, should you have a change of heart about the pattern or choose a temporary design, the print can be sanded off and the tiles stained and finished like a traditional wood floor. If you’re not interested in going full-on pattern, the tiles can also be integrated with traditional hardwood flooring, or you can even consider their portable temporary flooring option if you’re looking to create a unique treatment in a specific area of your space.

While many of the featured applications are presented in residential homes, the tiles can also be uniquely utilized as a wallcovering or ceiling treatment with their acoustical ceiling tiles. This is an ideal option for restaurant or office environments where acoustics are of concern.

We love that not only is this product beautifully designed, but environmentally conscience. The tiles utilize less hard wood than solid flooring, and are sourced from only from hardwood species that are abundant in the US (oak and maple). Mirth also donates $1 for every order placed to planting new trees through the National Forest Foundation.

We’re not the only one paying attention to these patterned tiles. This Old House recently named Mirth Studio’s wood tiles to their Top 100: Best New Home Products of 2014. Check out Mirth Studio, to read more about the innovative flooring, and to see other inspiring patterns and installations.

Photo Credit: Mirth Studio


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