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NYC Retail Must See

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Last week a few Chuties were in NYC for client meetings and project workand snuck in some time for visiting some retail hot spots. There’s no end to the inspiration in the City, but Club Monaco and Nike Running, on 5th Avenue near the Flatiron, were standouts.

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Club Monaco

The brand’s global flagship store is breathtakingly beautiful, in concept, execution and material finishes. Of special note was the brand marriage of Club Monaco with like-minded partners like Toby’s Coffee, Polux Fleuriste, and the Strand Bookstore; it’s a perfect collaboration to complement the Club Monaco brand story and connect to shoppers’ lifestyles.

The store is a master class in exquisite merchandising and storytelling. Delicate fixtures, purposeful lighting, curated merchandise, and brand-right messages all integrate in a gorgeous environment. Luxe but accessible, the store is built to explore. The tone of the experience shifts from upper level Women’s collections, with a bright and airy feeling, to the lower level Men’s floor, which has a decidedly club-like personality.

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Nike Running

A lifestyle store built around one simple action: Run. The layout, material finishes, and even ceiling light fixtures convey movement and forward action. The use of simple fluorescent tubes arranged in an arrow pattern makes a statement and brings you further into the space.

Integrating social media into a store environment can be tricky, but when executed well can make a huge impact on how a brand can engage with fans. Nike is hitting the mark by showcasing their customers’ Instagram feeds into the store using #keepitmoving and #nikenyc.

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