NYC Holiday Highlights

NYC Holiday Highlights

NYC Holiday Highlights 800 445 Chute Gerdeman

Each year we take to the busy, bustling streets of the Big Apple in pursuit of holiday magic. This year the exuberant celebration of the holiday season was no exception. From live art to pop-up elements to bright colors and dynamic digital designs, check out few of my favorite festive New York City finds.

Pier 1

Throw me some lights, tinsel and a 4-day only pop-up storybook, and you’ve got my attention! Pier 1 nestled right into an open space on Broadway, launched a physical Look Book of their home décor and holiday assortment. Walking through the pages of a life-size pop-up book, product was carefully placed amongst tall trees, magical scenes, and colorful vignettes. After walking through the whimsical journey, I also walked away with a limited edition Pier 1 pop-up catalog showcasing all of the collections l had just seen like Frosted Noel, Champagne Shimmer, and Plaid Tidings.


The doors are always revolving at STORY and this Christmas season they have partnered with American Express OPEN to  celebrate over 300 small businesses from across the country. And while the store’s theme is constantly changing, this story, “Home for the Holidays,” is an annual issue. Inspired by the modern home with rooms geared to gift for everyone, the idea is to bring the online gift guide offline. Holiday baubles, jewelry, gifts and more, adorned the space within. Who will be the next to partner with STORY? You’ll just have to check back in four to eight weeks.

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Now onto the really exciting part of the festive Holiday season in NYC… the windows! With a dash of digital and a whole lot of surprise, I stood bright-eyed (nothing new here!) and in admiration of all the rich textures, mind-blowing creativity and even live performances!


Hands down, my most awe-inspiring moment was watching Barneys “Chillin’ Out” window come to life by a real ice sculptor. I stood amazed, as ice shavings flew off the block of ice and began to form the details of an owl. The “carver” was even dressed to the nines in his own custom-made Moncler Gamme Bleu outerwear. For this year’s displays, the windows were turned into actual freezers with temperatures ranging between -5 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit to house the ice castles that took two weeks in the making. Facts about the ice castles along with other “Did you knows” were displayed across the surface of the glass allowing this overall experience to not only be entertaining, but educational as well. Barneys encouraged passersby to spread the word and share holiday wonder with photo ops and video using #BNYChillinOut on social media.

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Lord & Taylor

“A Few of Our Favorite Things” at Lord & Taylor, was indeed the favored design this year! Dancing gingerbread men balanced gingerbread houses above their heads, an over-sized cuckoo clock entertained running rabbits and birds, while the windows on a decorative mansion opened and closed counting down the days to Christmas. Soft motion and digital screens made each of these windows memorable and engaging.

Bergdorf Woodman

Dripping in more than seven million Swarovski crystals, Bergdorf Goodman’s “Brilliant Holiday” windows deliver another glam performance. Stories unfold of fantasy and temptation, exploration and celebration. Combined with these intricate, jeweled windows were bold, prismic designs with pops of red, green and silver. Mannequins dressed in coordinating colors made these windows all the more impressive.

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Photo Credit: Chute Gerdeman | Barneys New York

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