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I was recently honored with the opportunity to be a presenter at last week’s European Store Design Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany. While I was there I had the chance to venture the streets of the nearby city of Frankfurt. As I strolled along the ladenstrasse (a typical German shopping street), I was stopped in my tracks by an impressive architectural glass facade with a gaping funnel that shot through the five-level building, offering a keyhole glimpse of the sky beyond. Wow…very cool! I had to investigate further.

Image property of Chute Gerdeman

Just inside the entrance was a futuristic, urban shopping mall featuring a 150-foot long escalator that ascended directly to the top floor. As I rode skyward, I was consumed by this super-sized undulating glass form, comprised of thousands of triangular glass panes, as it twists and contorts into a massive roof structure above.

Image property of Chute Gerdeman

Fashion stores were clustered around the perimeter of each floor, leaving the center volume open for taking in the visual gymnastics of this glass vortex as it cartwheels back down to the ground floor. Created by architect Massimiliano Fuskas, the MyZeil mall was a welcome flight of fantasy among this very orderly and rational German cityscape.

Featured Image: Map data ©2012 Google, Sanborn. Inset image property of Chute Gerdeman.


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