Matt’s Inspiration Board: So much detail, so much to discover…

Sea Green and brown inspiration board | Chute Gerdeman - award-winning retail design and branding.

Matt’s Inspiration Board: So much detail, so much to discover…

Matt’s Inspiration Board: So much detail, so much to discover… 800 707 Chute Gerdeman


So much detail, so much to discover…

I have always admired graphic executions that are layered with complexity—in which details of the piece are intriguing enough to bring you back time and time again.

The elements I’ve chosen for my board are all different, yet each relates in having a strong quality of texture and a sense of time. The distressed quality to the materials and even the typography lend a sense of authenticity, a bit of mystery and history all at once.

All colors are from the Pantone Matching System. Composite image property of Chute Gerdeman.

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Inspiration Sources…

1. Ralph Lauren Vintage Hangtags: Each tag tells its own unique story visually by combining typography, distressed textures and earthy color palettes. Without even touching the merchandise, the hangtag sets a tone of authenticity and longevity. [Image via RedCrow Quality Goods]

2. Crawley Library Column Graphics: Bringing a raw sense of nature and material to the indoors, this beautiful column features sandblasted typography with literary quotes learning that inspire. [Why Not Associates]

3. Hepsi Collection Loom Rugs: This particular rug caught my eye for the weathered color washing, as it had gently aged while being passed down from generation to generation. It is actually made of “tiles” of woven linen, stitched together into interesting patterns. [Loom Rugs, Victoria, Australia]

4. Parador’s Wine & Fruit Crate Floor Laminate: Combining different styles of wine crate typography adds texture to this weathered wood floor laminate and makes you want to read the messages on the floor as you walk. [Parador, Germany]


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