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Material Update: Maharam Digital Projects

Material Update: Maharam Digital Projects 800 800 Chute Gerdeman

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Maharam Digital Projects recently visited Chute Gerdeman with an update on their new products. Maharam has literally taken digital wallcovering to a new level, turning wallcovering into a true art installation that is affordable and durable for even our retail projects.  Also, I love that Michael and Stephen Maharam have collaborated with up and coming artists, most of whom are in the New York area.

Right now, there are 18 individual pieces and Maharam hopes to release eight to ten new prints each month, for a total of 200 to 300 individual art projects over the next few years.  Each piece is shown on the website as an installation, a close up detail, and a great story about the inspiration from the artist.

I want to highlight a few of my favorites.

Echo, Wow and Flutter; Sideways, Flopped and Mirrored by Fred Tomaselli

New York based collagist Fred Tomaselli collected clippings of newpapers, fashion magazines, and other illustrations to create this piece.  Check out the close up!

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Another favorite is Dutch Clouds by Karel Martens.

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The detail is amazing.

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Kicksilver by Marilyn Minter is another favorite, and it is installed at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati around the elevator shafts.  Marilyn Minter is a NY based painter and photographer.

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Close up detail.  The image is of  stiletto-adorned feet splashing in silver tinted vodka.

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Check out all 18 designs on the Maharam website.  Go to the Maharam Virtual Library  and open the first binder titled “Maharam Digital Projects.”

Also, ID magazine had a great article about this product in the November/December 2009 issue.  Check it out.

ID magazine

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