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A note from the editors: “Inspiration boards” give a glimpse at the inner landscape of a creative person’s brain. Boards can convey a concept, a design direction, ideas for a kitchen remodel, or in our case, a personal narrative. Every so often, we feature one of the creative spirits at Chute Gerdeman.

Could it be that our politically correct, pleasantry-laced society has been in training to become serious heavier hitters with stern eyes and emphatically masculine wardrobes? Women are dressing more tailored; men are finding the nostalgic gentleman within. We are ready to stand for what we believe in, with a classic American attitude. We are proud of what we are made of! Even Anthony Bourdain said that Detroit is the best American city. Detroit! Why? Because it is “where nearly everything American and great came from.” Artists and entrepreneurial spirits are heading there to try and reenergize the economy, but Detroit aside, we need to take back ruins of the recession back with grit, smarts and style.

All colors are from the Pantone Matching System. Please see below for composite image sources.

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Inspiration Sources…

1.George Bellows, Club Night, 1907 Oil on Canvas
I recently visited the “George Bellows and The American Experience” exhibit at The Columbus Museum of Art, mainly because I love his fight scene paintings. Although only a few of those paintings were on display, they stood proud among his portraits and landscapes. This is what America is; “we need more of this,” I thought. More fight for the beauty.
Image Source: Mary Klie, at The Columbus Museum of Art

2. Anna Wintour
She is not masculine in appearance, quite the opposite. But her high standards and business sense is masculine. I respect that. Say what you mean; know what you like! Women in any career should feel confident in their education and experience to make firm decisions. Importance should be placed on how we are respected, not how we are liked.
Image Source:, “WSJ Magazine Profiles Powerful Anna Wintour”

3. Brentano Fabrics, Rhythm Collection, Pattern: Big Band, Color: Tuxedo Junction 7460-007
A great suit gets attention; it’s handsome, tailored, classic. Why not let your furniture have the same feeling? The red thread throughout this grey is especially attractive – it’s male, it’s female. I love it.
Image Source:

4. Motorcycles as Fashion
We know of the moto trend to the point where most women have a pair of flat leather boots by now. But let’s address the source—the motorcycle as the object. It represents aggressive freedom, not so much Easy Rider, but more new age greaser, maybe Black Keys or even young Bruce Springsteen.
Image Source:

5. The Brooklyn Circus
Calling all dapper young gentlemen: Brooklyn Circus is rated as one of NYC’s coolest menswear stores and rightfully so. It’s that perfect mix of old and new without being kitschy, it’s clearly a culture. If you can’t make it to the store, the website alone is a well curated experience.
Image Source:


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