Lululemon Says This One’s For The Boys

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Lululemon Says This One’s For The Boys

Lululemon Says This One’s For The Boys 800 296 Chute Gerdeman

It looks like Lululemon has a one-track mind when it comes to their newest Soho store…men! Gone are the days of marketing to men only through their girlfriends or wives. Lululemon says it’s time to stop shame shopping.

Appealing to a broader audience than just yogis including runners, cyclists and other athletes with active lifestyles, the Lululemon Mens’ ideal customer is in his 30’s, confident, accomplished, goal-oriented, and self-assured. “We call him the ‘athletic opportunist,’ says Felix del Toro, SVP of Lululemon Men’s. “He’s a guy who does a variety of things, whether he’s on vacation and he’s going to pick up surfing or in the mountains going skiing for the weekend. He could be a team sport player, he could be a triathlete, he could be a marathon runner.”

The brand has uniquely designed a space serving the needs of this male athlete. Absent are the brightly painted walls, warm woods and inspirational quotes typically found in the women’s store, this one’s for the boys. The 1,600 square foot store is broken into three sections: gear for working out (Sweat), essentials for cooling off (Post-Sweat), and casual everyday attire (No Sweat).

Metal-framed fixtures, concrete floors, and spools of thread displayed on the wall create a workshop-like feel and pay tribute to the craftsmanship of the clothing. Eclectic collections of frames displayed on shelves feature edgy, active lifestyle photography. Authentic vintage props like a weathered Everlast boxing bag, lacrosse racket, helmet, and vintage leather ball decorate the space.

Subtle merchandising cues like green army men striking traditional yoga poses present a little humor and attitude. A digital projection system plays boxing, and a large community table with a built in sink for chilled beverages tells you this isn’t just a place to get in and get out, they want men to hangout.

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Recognizing that women aren’t the only ones who appreciate customization, the store also offers short customization at “The Joinery.” Guys can choose from four short options based on their desired function, and three liners, all stitched onsite in just 10-15 minutes.

Rumor has is it that a women’s store will be opening up across the street. In the meantime it sounds like Lululemon is suited up to sweat it out for the men. We’ll be eagerly watching to see how this concept resonates with a more general male athlete versus a niche consumer, and strives to overcome strong identification as a women’s brand.

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