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I’m a sucker for most lush boutiques that feature local indie designers. Hand-crafted displays, one-of-a-kind merchandise, imperfectly stamped price tags—I swoon. The shop I fell head-over-heels for this summer was a quirky space on Elizabeth Street in Nolita called Love, Adorned.

At the pinnacle of the high-end DIY merch phenomenon, this little number offers an incredible lifestyle assortment for the home as well as a quirky and ever-changing mixed bag of accessories. President, developer and designer Lori Leven has curated the shop with a decided shift from “throw away culture”­ by offering items that exemplify design and simplicity.

In Manhattan’s independent-minded, fashion-forward neighborhood, Nolita (North of Little Italy, for those who aren’t familiar with the city), it’s hard to set yourself apart. Boutiques with meticulously curated wares and hip, up-to-the-minute watering holes line the streets, filled with downtown-savvy clientele. It’s by far one of my favorite places on the planet, a constant treat for the senses.

Situated in this mecca of awesomeness, Love, Adorned, like most successful retailers, doesn’t simply sell…it inspires. Here, buyers feel like they’ve undertaken a colorful bohemian journey without subjecting themselves to the overwhelming smell of patchouli or the onslaught of unwashed dreadlocks. Handcrafted and limited quantity items from local artisans and fair-trade sources are abundant, and guests are welcome to wander and admire.

Love, Adorned’s layout and display technique is just as distinctive. As soon as you walk in the door, you know you’re in for a treat. The light, warm white walls and ceiling are festooned with hanging glass baubles and displays. Birch trees provide an array of mystery and trinkets are displayed on shelves and cases made of rich wood.

The entire experience feels rare, personal and full of history—as if you’d happened upon your great grandmother’s attic. Through this experience, the buyer comes to feel that they are making a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. This shop provides a curiosity and lightheartedness that is truly all its own.


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