LINE FRIENDS is Larger Than Life at Retail

LINE FRIENDS is Larger Than Life at Retail

LINE FRIENDS is Larger Than Life at Retail 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Who could forget faces like these? It was pretty easy to be charmed by these friendly mugs, and our team immediately fell for the LINE FRIENDS family of characters during our recent travels in Asia. As it turns out, Chuties aren’t the only LINE FRIENDS fans! Times Square is now home to the US’ first 4,600 square foot LINE FRIENDS flagship location, and the store officially opened it’s doors to massive crowds on Tuesday, August 1st. Already present in 11 countries and cities such as Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo, the friendly faces are rapidly becoming recognized globally.

floor graphic

The humorous personalities of Brown, Choco, and Cony, and the entire LINE FRIENDS crew shine loudly through the overscaled plush toys, murals, and balloons throughout the stores. These characters almost force instant brand loyalty, and kept us coming back for more in each of the locations we visited.

Line Friends Highchairs
Line Friends Treats
Line Friends Mugs

In addition to endless tables of pens, pencils, notepads, mousepads, headphones, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and totes, the characters further come to life by appearing EVERYWHERE in the branded café. Brown as a high chair? You got it. Sally as a macaroon? Yes please. Cony’s face on my ice cream dish? Of course! You can even cozy up to Boss on the banquette, if you’re feeling brave!

Line Friends Treats

And LINE doesn’t stop there. You can even use the LINE app platform to message your friends. The characters were originally created as stickers to be used within the messaging platform, and their popularity has skyrocketed since the app’s inception.

Line Friends Cafe
Line Friends Cafe
Plush Toys

With LINE’s toe now firmly planted in the waters of US retail, it will be interesting to see what’s next for these larger than life characters, as it seems they’re right at home in the Times Square landscape.

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