Lifestyle Retail Stores Embrace Offline-Only Experiences

Lifestyle Retail Stores Embrace Offline-Only Experiences

Lifestyle Retail Stores Embrace Offline-Only Experiences 800 533 Chute Gerdeman

We have heard it over and over: brick-and-mortar retail is in danger. We have seen the shift – the appeal of being able to buy anytime, anywhere is drawing consumers away from their previous shopping habits. Physical retailers have a right to be concerned. A ComScore review of Q1 2014 sales figures showed that total digital commerce “continues to gain share from brick and mortar, growing 13% year over year” (, 20 May 2014).

While fashion and apparel shopping has not been immune to this shift, it is still an area that strengths lie in the in-store retail experience – the touch and feel, the immediate understanding of fit and form, and the social enjoyment of the experience just to name a few. Brands are recognizing these strengths, and bucking the trend of “downsizing” and “digitizing” in-store retail experiences to meet the needs for the fashion and apparel consumer. Building experiences that cannot be found online to draw shoppers into stores and away from their burgeoning digital shopping habits. The result: mega-size, multipurpose lifestyle stores.

Urban Outfittters

A four-floor Brooklyn concept store, Space Ninety 8, and its 57,000-square-foot Herald Square flagship store entices the Millennial shopper to experience the brand in all of its glory – from rooftop bars to hair salons.

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Club Monaco

Inspired by old-school department stores, its New York flagship remodel is meant to draw an older, boomer crowd of consumers looking to enjoy a curated, crafted experience that includes a bookstore and haberdashery section.

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Restoration Hardware

Closing smaller stores and establishing Design Galleries to peak the varied interests of its older, affluent clientele, the brand’s Boston location took over a 40,000 square-foot building (formerly the Museum of Natural History) – now a library, floral boutique, cinema room, and sculpture garden.

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Brands should not be threatened by the online world of retail, but instead use it as an opportunity to deliver unique offline experiences that give reason for consumers to continue to come in store. Entertainment is one of the key driving factors for why these lifestyle stores are resonating with their consumers. Buying your product shouldn’t be the only goal; let them experience your brand.

Photo credit: Racked | What Sarah Knows | Architectural Digest


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