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Let There Be LightArt

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Last month, Chuties got a chance to meet LightArt’s Leslie Simpson and were designated with a challenge to be inspired. A choice of paper, workstation, tools, and 30 minutes on the clock was all anyone needed to get started. Many contestants and colleagues showed up to create-and marvel-at the unexpected products that came to fruition.

table display
lighting materials

Out of the many, only three could prevail; due to the incredibly detailed finished work, judges had a tough time making the final decisions. In the end, grand prize winner Caroline said, “It was exciting to roll up our sleeves and create on the spot.” She was able to create a magically mesmeric light out of stenciled leaves. Because of such a tight deadline, the final showcase was “impressive,” says Caroline, illustrating just how incredibly adept our skills and creative minds are able to work.

lighting supplies
lighting supplies
lighting supplies

2nd place prize winners, Mary Lynn Waite and Meghan Coleman created an artistically dynamic, feather-like pendant. The use of layering and length allowed them to truly stand out amongst the rest. Meghan exuded positivity, saying she felt “creatively rejuvenated.” Our work, although always inventive, is only as good as the minds we use to cultivate it; taking breaks to find inspiration on more alternative platforms allows us to stay fresh for the next project to come.

lighting judges

Third place winner, Steve Johnson, created a piece worthy of recognition. Light protruded through cut outs, portraying a more mysterious window to the light that nestled within. After the competition Steve noted, “Paper is a wonderfully tactile, and a wildly creative medium.”


Flip the switch on your own inspiration and motivate your team to their own LightArt Challenge!

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