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Liberty for the Masses

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All colors are from the Pantone Matching System

British company Liberty of London teamed up with American retailer extraordinaire Target to create Target’s newest highly anticipated designer collaboration line. In honor of the collection, the clever duo launched a Facebook application, appropriately named “Find Your Liberty Patternality.” Answer four questions and tah-dah! Your perfect pattern match is revealed. (Incase you’re curious, I’m a Garla.) The floral patterns are all incredibly colorful and beautifully detailed. It just so happened that I loved my designated pattern so much, it was the starting point for this inspiration board.

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Inspiration Sources…

1. Designtex upholstery, Gabrielle

2. Liberty of London for Target, Garla pattern

3. Orange flourish letter “T” from Daily Drop Cap blog

4. Maharam Textiles of the 20th Century, Circles by Alexander Girard

5. Building in Soho, NYC. Personal photo taken by designer.


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