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Traveling to Nashville for the first time, I was expecting cowboy boots and honky tonks, but I was surprised by the city’s well-designed local retailers and restaurants, including imogene + willie. Stereotypes…they will get you nowhere!

imogene + willie is in the 12South neighborhood and, if it weren’t for the large orange plus icon, you might easily walk right by the nondescript building. The structure itself is an old gas station that owners Carrie and Matt converted into their now famous denim shop.

Until recently, part of the store was used as a factory to actually make the jeans the store sells, but has since been converted into a super cool, laid back shop. The store pays homage to its roots by not altering much of its gas station structure and has a welcoming environment kind of like a neighborhood garage.

Old jean patterns are clearly displayed hanging from the ceiling and ladders are repurposed to showcase belts and leather goods. Throughout the store, vintage signs, knick-knacks and flags are displayed and support the classic, American-made brand that imogene + willie represents.

They’ve also started carrying a few other brands: Warby Parker, Tanner Goods and Stormy Monday, to name a few. What really draws people to the shop is the quality, custom fit denim that will last a lifetime; the comfortable, worn-like-a-good-pair-of-jeans retail experience is a true “+” (did I just go there? I did!).

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