House of Vans Creates “WOW” With an Immersive Experience

House of Vans Creates “WOW” With an Immersive Experience

House of Vans Creates “WOW” With an Immersive Experience 800 533 Chute Gerdeman

Retailers of the past had a relatively easy time impressing their guests with simple, one-factor equations. By making a bold visual statement utilizing tricks of the trade like Size, Scale, Consistency and Quantity, a retailer could win over their audience. Over time, consumer tastes evolved and attitudes changed. New attributes that consumers cared about were combined to create a “WOW” retail experience. To provide a WOW experience today, though, it takes more psychology than ever before. Consumers have shortened attention spans, and there are more distractions competing for their valuable attention. No longer are elements being added together, but instead four or five elements are now being multiplied to create a really special outcome…. WOW!

A dynamic combination of elements is what House of Vans in London used to create their own “WOW” consumer experience. They strove to be Immersive, Connected, Authentic and Relevant in order to WOW their audience. In what used to be the Old Vic Tunnels under Waterloo train station, the brand fused together art, music, street culture, skate and fashion, to create a “physical manifestation” of the brand.

Five days a week, guests are free to use the amenities that provide an ‘Off the Wall’ spirit through five tunnels that present unique experiences. Throughout the 30,000 sq. ft. space are subtle cues to the brand’s signature visual elements, like the checkerboard print used in the flooring.

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The experience gives access to an indoor skate park with mini ramps, half pipes and a skate bowl, complete with lockers. An exhibition gallery space changes every eight weeks, featuring artists’ videos, photo and graphic prints, and illustrated drawing and paintings. Four artist studios provide workspace and the ultimate opportunity for showcase in the exhibition gallery upon completion of work. A music venue offers space for 850 fans of a mix of up-and-coming and established artists, while 160-seat cinema offers a more intimate experience for exclusive movie premiers, and guests can grab a bite to eat or even a bit to drink in the café. Ultimately, House of Vans is a true lifestyle hub to cultivate a community and following in the UK.

Check out this video to see Vans’ Off the Wall spirit in action.

Want to hear more about what makes a WOW-worthy experience? Download our whitepaper, “The Psychology of WOW!” where we explore more of the psychological components of creating WOW, and what it means for your retail formula.

Photo Credit: House of Vans

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