Holiday Windows in NYC

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Holiday Windows in NYC

Holiday Windows in NYC 800 542 Chute Gerdeman

The celebration of the holiday season can always be seen from the windows of the Big Apple city streets. From art appreciation to interactive elements, check out few of our festive favorites from this year’s New York City holiday windows.

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Louis Vuitton

In honor of the brand’s 160th anniversary, Louis Vuitton partnered with six well-konwn designers to reimagine the iconic LV and contribute to the brand’s “Celebrating Monogram” collection. Each window celebrates the individual designers and prominently displays their initials: F.G. for Frank Gehry (American Architect), C.S. for Cindy Sherman (American Photographer), C.L. for Christian Louboutin (French Footwear Designer), M.N. for Marc Newson (Industrial Designer), and R.K. for Rei Kawakubo (Founder of Comme des Garçons).

Made from vibrant, colorful ribbons the giftbox displays provide a clear presentation to the LV luxury bags. Ribbons flow from one window to another, tying the individual designers together.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany’s theme, Moon Over New York, takes place in the 1950’s and 60’s. Iconic NYC buildings and landmarks that we’ve come to love like Times Square and Rockefeller Center set the stage within the windows. Signature Tiffany blue boxes and jewels are carefully placed at the “center” of focus within each window scene.

For the first time ever, the brand also incorporated animation into each window. The little yellow cab bounces down the street with a trunk full of blue boxes, and the ice skating scene comes to life as they whirl around the rink. Check out this video here to see it all come to life.

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Bergdorf Goodman

One single word created a powerful story for this year’s Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. The theme “Inspired” focuses on a celebration of the arts: literature, architecture, theater, painting, music, dance, sculpture and film.

With over 100 artists and display artisans contributing their talents to bring these windows to life, each window was created individually to tell a collective eight-lesson course in art appreciation. Windows displayed a combination of motion and stillness utilizing modern day materials like neon and old-school techniques like paper. Incredible detail is revealed in each and every nook and cranny. It’s no surprise it took almost a year to put it all together.


Tying in with Bloomingdale’s “All Wrapped Up” holiday campaign, the classic Mylar bow was used in-store and in their holiday windows to communicate the spirit of the season in everything from gift giving to giving back.

Interactive windows invite passersby to ring in the New Year by taking selfies (or video) as the ball drops, play bow-themed games with your phone, display your photo in the window, tweet a holiday greeting, donate to help support the Child’s Mind Institute charity, and more! Check out all the high-tech hoopla in this video. Ready, Set, Bow!

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