Holiday Highlights: New York City Window Displays

Holiday Highlights: New York City Window Displays

Holiday Highlights: New York City Window Displays 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Every year New York City’s finest department stores and retailers spend months meticulously crafting a vision for their holiday window displays. From materials to mechanics every intricate detail is planned and designed to create an element of magic for the millions of visitors traveling from all around the world. Each retailer’s story is unique, but collectively a theme oftentimes connects. This year metallic and motion stood out as a thread between them all.

Louis Vuitton

As a nod to the Northern Lights, Louis Vuitton’s windows are colorfully saturated in red with bright white pops from piles of the North Pole snow. The playfully sophisticated design evokes an element of adolescence. With exposed mechanics in bright, shiny golds and silvers, puffins, polar bears and ermines are mechanically animated in a clever game of hide and seek.

Bergdorf Goodman

Designed to take shoppers on a whimsical adventure, Bergdorf’s “Destination Extraordinary,” features a unique destination in each window and a designated designer wardrobe from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, and Dolce & Gabanna. A verdant botanical design with deep, lush greens is infused with jewels, sequins and reflective materials to create a fanciful backdrop for the luxury lines. Paintings of Henri Rousseau and trips to the American Museum of Natural History inspired the creative concept created by Senior Director of Visual Present, David Hoey.

Lord & Taylor

As the oldest department store in the US, Lord & Taylor knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a stunning window display. A lush green canopy canvased in twinkling lights introduces this year’s theme of an “Enchanted Forest.” Five wintery windows showcase 34 hand sculpted animals including bunnies ice skating, geese marching in snowshoes, a bear submerged in snow while mice ski around, raccoons taunting sleeping foxes, and squirrels entertaining the ultimate snowball fight. The design took nine months to create and six months to build offsite. Once built, the vignettes were lifted from the basement using an old hydraulic system.


Cartier’s signature red ribbon wraps the Fifth Avenue building façade once again. The 14-foot wide LED bow has wrapped the building in similar iterations since 1979. In the windows below bejeweled shadow boxes encase sparkling scenes with a combination of still and motion graphics.

Want to see it all firsthand? Google is now making that virtually possible with virtual reality. This year the brand partnered with 18 of Manhattan’s best retailers to transport you to the holiday displays along Madison, Fifth Avenue and some of the city’s other well-known retail destinations.

Using your smartphone or computer, viewers see life-like panoramas created from hundreds of high-resolution photos fused together. The virtual tour is paired with an audio guide giving you a behind the scenes listen from the stores’ creative directors involved in the design. All of that without even having to button your coat or pull out your winter boots! Click here to visit the Window Wonderland.

Photo Credit: Google | Refinery29

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