Google’s Community Fiber Space

Google’s Community Fiber Space

Google’s Community Fiber Space 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Consumers have more and more options when it comes to high-speed Internet access, and Google was not about to miss the opportunity to earn a piece of the marketshare. With the launch of Google Fiber they’re giving consumers access to Internets speeds one hundred times faster than basic broadband speeds.

What the brand quickly realized though was that with this super high-speed service they needed serious customer support. Customers were taking to social media to ask inquiries and check on availability in their communities. As a result the brand created Fiber Spaces. They currently have launched in nine major cities like Austin and Nashville with four upcoming and eleven potential fiber cities on the way.

One of the most recent Fiber Spaces was launched in Atlanta in the Old Fourth Ward. The 4,000 square foot space located near the Ponce City Market, which is also home to tech companies Twitter and Mailchimp, services as a support space for its surrounding “fiberhoods.” Open Monday through Sunday from 11am-7pm, locals are encouraged to come in for customer support questions or hang out and use the Internet as much as they like in the common work areas or the outside patio. Customers can also pick up a Google Fiber installation kit or schedule an appointment to have it installed while they’re there.

Faux home set ups with comfy couches and flat screen TVs demonstrate the actual in home experience to potential customers. While the overall space has seemed to bring in some subtle touches of Atlanta to help provide a community connection, what seems to be missing is the Google brand. Known for their brightly colored, energetic, and playful office spaces, Google has seemed to tone down the fun factor for a more serious almost Apple-esque design aesthetic.

Working with non-profits and local organizations, Google hopes to create a community gathering space by offering movie screenings, demonstrations, and computer literacy workshops like “Enhance Your life with Google Drive.”

Google relies heavily on their data to be a point of differentiation in customer service guaranteeing service times, and now with the addition of these Fiber Spaces to support the growing communities of fiberhoods.

Takeaway: In today’s service driven economy, providing a service retail model to compliment the product offer will be essential for brands to not only provide support, but also create a stronger connection with the individuals and communities they serve. It’s not enough to just have great product, you have to build a brand infrastructure to support the experience beyond just the initial purchase.

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