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Image credit: is the newest addition to our list of cool editorial content on the web.

MSN, in partnership with Hachette Filipacchi Media, launched this week. It’s a lifestyle site focusing on style, beauty, living, and relationship content—and it’s brought to us by the same editorial expertise who produce Elle and Elle Décor to name a few. Appointed to executive editor of Glo is Anne Weintraub, who has held various positions at Elle including former online director.

The imagery is amazing and the navigation, well, let’s just say it’s unlike anything we’ve seen yet—and that’s a good thing. The vertical scrolling navigation is quite unique and it goes with you wherever you go on the site.

The best part for me is that there’s new content every day! It seems that there are already daily features such as the daily buy. It’s informative, relevant, and interesting.

The scrapbook tool allows you to mark things you like and save them in one place so that you can refer back later.

Image credit: MSN Newsroom

I really love the information bars that break up various articles, and they’re relevant to the story they’re closest to. Some contain famous quotes, like this one from Oscar Wilde, “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” Some contain interesting facts, such as, “The average American woman uses six pounds of lipstick a year*.” Others beg a question, “Where do you sing the loudest? In the Shower? In the car?’

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“Like all publishers, we are exploring different ways to deliver content onto all platforms,” said Alain Lemarchand, president and CEO, Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. “We are very excited about creating a Web-only brand with an original voice that fills an open position in the marketplace. Our collaboration with our two outstanding partners MSN and BermanBraun has been a rich one with each team bringing distinct strengths and voices to the project.”

Even if  the content mentioned above doesn’t excite you, it’s definitely worth checking out for the layout, site navigation, and glossy imagery.

For more information, check out MSN’s Press Release.


Featured Image credit: MSN Newsroom

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