Food and Fun at the Annual Salsa Competition

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Food and Fun at the Annual Salsa Competition

Food and Fun at the Annual Salsa Competition 800 368 Chute Gerdeman

We decided to kick off Cinco de Mayo the right way – with some friendly competition. This year’s annual Chute Gerdeman salsa competition saw an array of salsas, dips, guacamoles, and even a few beverages!

Salsas and dips ranged from spicy, to smokey, to sweet, to zesty. Secret ingredients abounded. Rumors flew of midnight treks to Mexican markets, hand-pulverized spices and secret cilantro gardens. Recipes and jokes were swapped freely.


You say you use fresh avocados in your guacamole? Child’s play. For the best-quality guacamole, try using a fresh chef to chop your veggies and squeeze your limes.


Did you know that serving guacamole with the pits helps it stay yummy and green? Salsa competitions are also educational!


The weather kept us off the patio, but did not stop hungry Chuties from lining up to taste all the entries.


Tasty beverages were on hand.


Our VP of Technology engineered some micheladas to pair with our delicious food.


Congratulations to our winners George Waite, Bonnie Kyle, Natalie Benos and Michael Munchoff, enjoying their fabulous prizes!


We’re already strategizing for next year’s event. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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