“The food concepts that have momentum are doing 4 key things…”

“The food concepts that have momentum are doing 4 key things…” 310 505 Chute Gerdeman

What’s driving restaurant concepts to evolve?

Insights from Chute Gerdeman

With a focused eye on what makes the customer experience work for brands and guests, Chute Gerdeman explores what’s driving restaurant concepts to evolve and how to make the biggest impact.


Restaurant brands are facing challenges as they seek to stay competitive. Consumer purchasing behavior is changing the way people shop for food and the way they use restaurants to fulfill their needs. These behaviors are an outcome of other societal shifts. Consumers, especially millennials, seek to have more meaningful connections and acquire fewer material possessions. People are seeking ways to gain more time to spend on things that matter most to them. The rise of meal kits, delivery options, and quality prepared foods in grocery and convenience stores have made the restaurant industry take note in this challenging sales environment. Restaurant companies need to learn to understand the role they play in people’s lives, and deliver on those needs–making them feel connected to the brand.

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Restaurant Brands to Watch


While some people assume that integrating technology in restaurants means ultimately replacing expensive human workers, the majority of the market seems ready and willing to engage with technology as part of the dining experience in order to feel more in control of the process, as well as have more control over their time.


Competition for share of stomach and wallet can’t be denied. The consumer has more options for convenient, high-quality prepared foods–often more a ordable than dining out. Restaurateurs that clearly understand their target customers, deliver a unique value proposition, and a clearly defined brand position will be able to attract and grow market share even with tough grocery competition.


To attract and retain this group, brands must deliver on Gen Z’s desire to utilize technology when ordering, paying, and even receiving their meal. Couple new innovation with authentic brand moments that reflect their own values and social responsibility.
Give them something to talk about. The goal is to encourage social sharing and to do it often.


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