Exploring the Sights and Sounds of London’s Design Mecca

Exploring the Sights and Sounds of London’s Design Mecca

Exploring the Sights and Sounds of London’s Design Mecca 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

In late September, the world came together in London, England to celebrate all that’s wonderful about design, fashion, and architecture. Creating a melting pot of experience, knowledge, and expertise, for one week, The London Design Festival became a backdrop for appreciating groundbreaking design from the past all the while experiencing ideas that will eventually shape the future.

The London Design Festival

A primary focus for 2016 was design exploration through the use of innovative materials and finishes. Wood, fabric, and recycled materials twisted, bent, and manipulated to highlight how these commonly used materials can be re-imagined bringing a greater purpose to the material. Recycled fiberglass woven into thread formed canopy structures with the ability to stretch and twist, becoming a live material that moved with nature. Wood materials typically found in furniture and moldings were transformed into low-cost alternatives to building structures and groundbreaking architectural design.

Regent Street Windows & London Fashion Week

Also taking center stage during this celebration was London’s renowned Fashion Week, where the latest in fashion, retail, and culture were revealed. Key retailers throughout the downtown streets transformed their window displays into evocative interactive exhibits, each telling stories of wonder and beauty. Ranging from modern, simple monochromatic displays to highly colorful, and finely detailed animated backdrops, the city streets became a scavenger hunt, continuously searching for the most unique design.

Retailers, museums, and restaurants were inundated with shoppers taking in the sights and sounds beyond the festival. Hotel lobbies were transformed into settings for community gatherings and speaking engagements, abandoned buildings into centers of artistic expression for local artists, and town centers became isolated moments of zen and peace.

Dark Sugars at Brick Lane

For the chocolate purists around the globe, Dark Sugars combines an open design with a corner cocoa café offering exorbitant amounts of Ghanaian cocoa imported from around the world. A clean and rustic presentation of product displayed in hand-carved wooden bowls invites shoppers to sample before they buy. The café expresses a West African motif with an eclectic collection of hand-carved wooden tables and stools. Senegalese music pumped through the speakers while strong aromas of cocoa spread into the surrounding streets.

Oliver Peoples at Sloan Street

This recently opened Sloane Street location is the first European location by the well-known LA brand, Oliver Peoples. Shoppers are invited to try on any number of the handcrafted designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in this beautifully simple and subtly lit environment. Charcoal colored porcelain tiled floor combined with gray velvet walls and dark brown fixturing add a modern and sophisticated personality to the space. The rear of the space offers eye examinations on the spot for potential shoppers to help expedite the eyeglass selection process.

Rimowa at New Bond Street

Selling a highly innovative line of “digitally integrated” travel luggage with Bluetooth technology, Rimowa has a unique visual personality both streamlined and simple with soft touches of modernity. The space is littered with holographic aluminum panels reclaimed from an old 1919 Junker plane, which draw the shopper towards that rear of the store where a large digital presentation speaks to the brand and it’s innovation. Product displays are simple, clean, and well arranged.

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post by Matt Jeffries

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Matt Jeffries

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