Exploring Florim: Factory Tour & Tile Fabrication

Exploring Florim: Factory Tour & Tile Fabrication

Exploring Florim: Factory Tour & Tile Fabrication 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

During a recent trip to Nashville, we had the opportunity to visit the Florim USA factory to see the company’s manufacturing process. The tour was kindly set up by Deirdre Schuth, our Creative Materials Corp representative. Upon arriving, we met up with Jana Manzella, Florim’s Key Accounts Sales Manager, at the company’s office building. She talked us through an informational presentation on tile fabrication and what makes Florim while we sipped coffee and munched on fruit and éclairs.

While all of Florim’s products are made in the USA in one the largest porcelain facilities in North America, the company embraces an Italian influence from parent company Florim Group with an exclusive Italian style, age-old craftsmanship combined with a technology advanced and modern production process. As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we were excited to learn about their efforts to minimize the impact on our ecosystem by optimizing the use of resources. The sustainable approach can be seen in the physical manufacturing process, as well as the aesthetics with many products containing up to 40% of recycled content.

After our quick brief on the company and process, we were then lead to the factory to begin our tour. We were first taken to a showroom, which showcased examples of finished Florim product. From contemporary looks to timeless selections the wide variety of tile sizes and textures that can be manufactured was very impressive.

Afterwards, we were guided through the factory and given a first-hand look at the tile making process: Our first stop was a storage facility that housed the various clays and stones that are used in Florim tile. (Fun fact: all broken or unusable Florim tile is returned to this area, recycled and made into new tile.)

We then saw how those materials are combined during the slurry-making process as well as the pouring, glazing, printing and heating processes used during the tile’s manufacture. The tile is poured, heated to a specific temperature and cut down to size.

The tile is then run through a digital printer capable of producing a wide variety of colors and textures on the face of the tile. The tile is then glazed and heated one more time. We ended our tour with seeing the finished product being sorted based on tile size down to .001mm and packaged (by robots!), ready to be shipped and to their destination.

It was a great opportunity to learn more intimately about tile fabrication and the unique manufacturing and product development process that Florim employs. We enjoyed the transparent experience and have a greater appreciate for the end result seeing the products created from start to finish. Those products make up just one element of an entire design that we are architects of creating. It kind of makes you pause for a moment of appreciation to consider how all the elements seamlessly come together at the end.

Photo Credit: Florim | Chute Gerdeman

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