EuroShop 2017: Highlights of Innovation & Inspiration

EuroShop 2017: Highlights of Innovation & Inspiration

EuroShop 2017: Highlights of Innovation & Inspiration 1440 428 Chute Gerdeman

Once every three years, industry leaders from around the globe gather in Dusseldorf, Germany—a city known for its fashion and artistic moments—to showcase and admire the latest trends and products within the retail industry. Such highlights include store fixtures, materials, mannequins, lighting, and more. That’s right, we’re talking about EuroShop. Attended by retailers, manufacturers, agencies, and vendors, it is THE place to be for collaborative, inspired, and energized conversation amongst exhibitors and visitors alike.

Surrounded by eye-catching elements and progressive ideas, a few themes started to rise above the rest. We believe these big ideas will continue to grow and shape the way we think about retail.

Seven Continents

Do More With Less: Crafting a responsive environments through the thoughtful integration of technology.

Nature Improved: Using natural materials when it counts and recycling or upcycling with purpose.

Provocative Storytelling: How artistic expressions of scale and rhythm draw the customer in.

Mannequin Display
Visual Merchandising
Lighting Display

Art as Concept: How to bring bling into every day and every way. Finishes showing up in lighting, fixturing, mannequins, and more.

Draw Me In: Retail stores are not dead, but there’s a need for a new allure. Meaningful engagement and a driven customer journey.

The Height of Hygge – How a Danish-based lifestyle theory has created an international phenomenon, and driver for experiential retail.

Schwitzke’s Open Retail Trail

Schwitzke’s “Open Retail Trail” draws you into their brand story by cleverly creating a one-way maze that takes you on a journey through their process and capabilities, while offering delightful surprises of pure, visual love along the way.

From suspended sketches of ideation, to customer intercepts, to thought-provoking questions for the guest to ponder while looking in the mirror. Taking you through the build-out and logistics chapter and inviting you into the magical world of make-believe (where anything is possible with a little light, shadow, and creative shapes). And into a world of luxurious materials and cascades of golden light. This story comes to an end as we learn the value of precision and multiplication (speaking to roll-out) for notable brands such as, Tommy Hilfigler.

The best part about this story? A live performance from Sand Artist, Uwe Burkle, and a welcomed session of Retail Therapy. Ending your journey through Schwitzke’s story, you—the reader, have the opportunity to “Rant + Wish + Win”, sharing your most frustrated retail experience. Something tells me they will listen and respond in a unique, yet favorable fashion.

Seven Continents’ Simone Beautiful Soul

In collaboration with photographer Raphael Mazzucco and inspired by model Simone Friis, the conception of Simone Beautiful Soul infuses the powerful charges of nature and the human soul, while beautifully capturing Seven Continents bespoke designs. Posed, photographed, 3D-printed, CNC sculpted, then sheened a metalized bronze—this goddess-like creature is set center stage, guarded by VII mannequins and softees, alike.

Tucked away for only the selected to see, was the process of how this story came to be. From the inspiration to the collaboration, to the process and formation, and with a touch of a glimpse into future—this stunning, textural and colorful display is captivating, memorable and oh-so inspiring.

As a parting gift, we were handed our very own solid metal Simone Beautiful Soul—a memento to always remember this beautiful story.

A good story is never hard to come by—however, the ones that draw us in and capture the attention of our eyes, are the ones that are truly worth sharing. Follow along as we build upon the themes of EuroShop.

Photo Credit: EuroShop | Chute Gerdeman


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